9. You’re GROWING TO BE a Slob
Some men can’t wait to get yourself within an extended term relationship, marriage even, merely to be capable of stop giving a crap about the look of them. That is clearly a terrible idea. First, it’s dangerous to a guy’s health. We’re not saying a man must spend hours at the gym, count his carbs and refrain from some of the more enjoyable indulgences in life, but the older a man gets the harder it is to stay fit and healthy
She understands you’re not going to look good forever but she isn’t thrilled with the fact you’ve turned into a slob. You’re not interested in staying in shape, buying new clothes, styling your hair as well as shaving with any regularity. She’s not attracted to this new version of the guy she fell for and she’s afraid you’re only going to get bigger, sloppier and care even less. Imagine if the roles were reversed?

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