Youre Having Great Sex

You’re Having Great Sex
They might APPEAR TO BE THEY WILL HAVE It Better, BUT YOU WILL Be Surprised TO GET JUST HOW MUCH More You Have Going On
Many of us will sleep with a porn star never, but we’re not passing up on much. Sure, videos show actors and actresses thrusting their way by way of a group of superhuman sex acts that culminate in the proverbial money shot. But their moans, groans and facial expressions are deceptive. And their stamina isn’t endless actually.
As a recently available thread on Reddit revealed, pornography could be more of an act than its most die-hard fans had imagined even. The effortless, satisfying sex we see on screen may be the product of hours of shooting and several, many takes, every one of them choreographed to a tee. Actors start and prevent – and start and prevent – while a whole film crew looks on again, silently pressuring them to wrap a scene in order that everyone will get lunch.
Though movies may have led you to believe otherwise, you are, in fact, having far better sex than porn stars. Here are 10 reasons why.

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