Your First Kiss Page 2

I’ll look at her, lean toward her, pull the trunk of her neck near me, and I’ll give her just a little kiss on the lips. Then I’ll pull back, stare directly into her eyes, smile and say, “I’m a gentleman, and I have to go home at this time. Sweet dreams. I’ll see you again soon.”
It is important that by the end of the initial date you close her for another date. Say something similar to, “See you Friday, or I’ll see you Saturday, whatever day you wish to set. Let’s head to pay attention to some jazz or whatever interest both of you talked about and also have in keeping.” Don’t wait before following day or later to create another date. Still do it away. Close her this way. Once you leave her that night, she’s already anticipating not merely the kiss with you but additionally when she is going to see you again and what you will be doing together.
When you’re out with her for the next time, trust me, she is going to be anticipating that kiss long forever. I’ll give her slightly kiss halfway at night time, maybe I’ll hold her hand at one point during the night, but I will not give her the complete kiss until later. I’ll walk her to her car, I’ll hold open the entranceway on her behalf behalf, and I’ll give her a kiss there, or I’ll walk her to her house door and I’ll give her a kiss there on her entry way step. She’ll be looking forward to that kiss forever long, so when it happens, she will be so ready.
Bottom line, guys: I would like to make her really crave that kiss, I would like to make her desire that kiss, and I wish to make her anticipate that kiss from me. That’s what drives her crazy.

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