Would You Date This Beautiful Woman From The Big Screen

The other day, iDateAdvice team conducted a mini-survey. We asked some men if they would date these pretty ladies from the silver screen Now let’s discover what they must say!
Larry: I am going to date her because I love fashionable women. Carrie isn’t only a fashionista, but additionally a knowledgeable writer. The only real question I’ve is the way the hell could she afford so many pairs of expensive shoes? If she only writes one column for just one newspaper, she must not be in a position to buy so many shoes and clothes. But since her rent is quite low because of some government policy in NY in those days, perhaps that is why she can like a luxurious lifestyle like this. Anyway, as I’m a rich man, I don’t mind dating her and purchasing her luxury clothing and accessories. I would like to make my pretty woman happy.”
William: No. I will not date her because she spends a significant amount of time considering men. Well, in the event that’s her job, that’s fair enough – she writes a sex column for a newspaper in NY, so of course she’s to keep considering various men. That’s understandable, but that isn’t the sort of women that I’d like to date.”
#2 Holly Golightly: the American geisha from Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Larry: Holly is indeed cute. I love her personality. Yes, I am going to date her because I’m interested in the American geisha Having said that, I won’t marry her because I think the mother of my future children shouldn’t be a courtesan.”
William: If I were her neighbor, I would absolutely date her. It’s just so convenient and fun.”
#3 Elle Woods: the blonde from Legally Blonde
Larry: Definitely! I’ve always liked Elle since 2001. She is my ideal girlfriend – funny, smart and pretty. Yes, I’ll date this gorgeous woman.”
William: This can be a yes. She is the woman of my dreams.”
#4 Bridget Jones: the single woman who desperately wants to get married from Bridget Jones’s Diary
Larry: I won’t date her because she is so desperate. This movie sends a wrong message to all single women. The story portrays a false promise – you just need to be yourself and wait, and then your Prince Charming will come to save you. That’s ridiculous. Western women must wake up and learn how to proactively improve themselves , i.e. losing weight, wearing makeup, decorate, being feminine and walking such as a lady. Only men who don’t possess options will date Bridget Jones.”
William: A couple of years ago, I’d date Bridget Jones because I didn’t have options. However now I will not date her because I’ve already improved my game and will progress, hotter girls who are actually younger.”
#5 Annie Reed: the elegant lady from Sleepless in Seattle
Larry: She actually is gorgeous. This elegant woman reminds me of the spring in New Zealand. I love her pink lips. Yes, I am going to definitely date this pretty lady.”
William: I usually had a crush on her behalf since 1993 and I’m still into this gorgeous woman. She actually is so sweet. Indeed, men use ‘sweet’ being an expression to spell it out women that are considerate and easy-going, however, not easy.”
#6 Andy: the junior personal assistant from The Devil Wears Prada
Larry: No chance. No offence, but she appears like Michael Jackson. She always reminds me of Michael. I cannot take action. Maybe it’s her eye makeup and lips – I simply don’t discover that style feminine. Honestly, I’d date her boss because I believe her boss is incredibly sexy. Despite the fact that I’m already wealthy, I’m still fired up by powerful and rich women!”
William: I am going to date this sexy girl. She actually is hardworking, intelligent and modest. You will want to? I think she actually is an excellent role model for modern girls who have a tendency to feel entitled in western society.”
#7 Adaline Bowman: the ageless woman from Age Adaline
Larry: I must say that she actually is a stylish woman overall. But I personally can’t stand her mole. I guess I’m too superficial and it’s my fault.”
William: I like this attractive girl. I even find her mole attractive.”
#8 Vivian Ward: the hooker who becomes a true lady from Pretty Woman
Larry: Actually, I quite like her looks and her personality because she is so authentic. So, I’ll probably date her, but I won’t tell my mum about it because my mum will kill me if she knows I’m dating a hooker.”
William: I’ll date the true lady that she has become, not the hooker before her transformation. I don’t mind paying a prostituteif she can help me with something so important and so intimate, but I won’t date a hooker. Sorry.”
Larry: Oh, my god. She is seriously perfect. I like tall girls with big boobs. And she looks so hot! Going out with her must make me look good, too. So, yes, I’ll totally date her. The only concern is she doesn’t seem to eat meat and sugar, so maybe my love life with her will look fabulous but feel miserable – I’m a huge eater and I love a myriad of food.”
William: You know what, my daughter’s name is Alexia because of that movie – that’s my ex-wife’s favorite movie. Since I won’t date my daughter, I also won’t date this pretty lady. Maybe I should date her sister Hayley Wheaton who is less attractive but more reliable. Now I’m looking for a wife, not a lover , so I think Hayley is more suitable – she is practical and down-to-earth. Better still, she is intelligent and hardworking, which means marrying her will make me stress less financially.”
Which hot girl would you date? Please write your comment below and share your thoughts with us. Please note that Larry and William’s opinions don’t represent the author’s opinion or iDateAdvice’s opinion.

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