Worst Valentines Day Stories

Valetine’s Day can be rough when you’re single, but it can sometimes be even rougher when you’re dating someone (especially someone who’s not right for you). Check out these brutal Valentine’s Day stories from guys and girls on Reddit and be thankful that all you’re doing this V-Day is hanging out with friends and waiting for all that overpriced chocolate to go on sale February 15th.
1. I Feel Like Boggle Or Maybe Scrabble Would Have Been More Fun?
2. And That’s Just What He Wrote In The Card!
3. She Couldn’t Have Done It Before The Steak Dinner??
4. This Guy Sounds Like The King Of Shitty Valentine’s Days
5. Nevermind, It is had by HE Worse Than Everyone
6. Does It Still Count As A Love Letter WHETHER IT’S About SOMEBODY ELSE’S Love?
7. Maybe He Was ATTEMPTING TO Help Them Spice Things Up In THE BED ROOM Just??
8. Geez, Did HE Break A Something or Mirror?

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