Women Reveal Things They Wish Their Boyfriends Owned

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It’s no new news that men are way more low maintenance than their female counterparts. Any side by side medicine cabinet comparison will tell you so. For some situations, it’s just a fact that guys need less in order to get by – and that makes for a more sparse selection of toiletries. But also, sometimes the basics of home living are just lost on dudes. Going without things like a box spring or throw pillows, or having separate bathroom towels for drying your hands vs. the body just seems kind of excessive, right?
But I’m going to let you in on a little secret – adding to your supply of basic home necessities (although you may don’t deem them as such) will make your woman want to spend more time at your place. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? So as to identify what those household items are, I asked a few women to tell me what they really wish their men had readily available in their home. Read on for a list of things you should keep at your place if you want your woman to stay over more often.
1. Conditioner
Most guys probably don’t understand what conditioner even does, no less own a bottle of the stuff. But Jillian, 28 says that having the ability to shampoo and condition your hair when you’re spending the night at your guy’s place is more than necessary. Not only does skipping conditioner create an instant bad hair day, but trying to get a comb through long hair without it is a serious ordeal. “Before we lived together I could never wash my hair at his place,” she says, “because he only had the 2 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner.” And that formula does not get the job done, fellas.
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2. A Full-Length Mirror
Props to the men who can leave the house without consulting a mirror. What’s it like to be able to choose an outfit and just know that you look fly as hell? But real talk, we ladies need a full length mirror. Especially if we’re spending the night at your place and then heading to work the next morning, and we packed clothes that could probably benefit from an iron (which you probably also don’t own). “I think having a full length mirror is important,” says Stacy, 28. ” I take advantage of it to be sure my outfit looks okay before I leave the entranceway. Sometimes you can’t get yourself a good idea of everything you appear to be without seeing the complete picture! Before my (now hubby) got one, I’d need to improvise (standing really far back, sitting on a box, etc.) It’s just better to have!”
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3. Tissues
Why would you purchase what’s essentially wc paper in a box if you have toilet paper easily available in your bathroom for anybody who’s got the sniffles? Appears like a waste of money to the people. But us women would rather not wipe our noses with exactly the same paper we wipe our butts with. Different strokes, you understand? “You can find NEVER any tissues inside your home!” says Maggie, 27. “Tis’ the growing season for colds and sniffles, so that it will be nice.”
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4. A Hair Dryer
Especially through the wintertime, when dating a wet tresses means you’re at an increased risk for scalp frostbite, hair icicles and catching a cold. “I consider myself lucky if the dude includes a clean towel for me personally,” says Joanna, 32, “but what I’d really love following a night and morning to do it is the capability to wash and style my bangs, instead of leave them greasy, sweaty and unkempt. A good $15 hair dryer from the drugstore with low wattage would keep this lady happy.”
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5. A Jewelry Box
Unless you’re the sort to rock an accumulation of man chains (and when you are, capacity to you), you will possibly not have even known that chicks keep their jewelry in a box. But even though you’re not obtaining a directly jewelry box, you’ll score points if there’s somewhere safe your girlfriend can leave her jewelry – in accordance with Lauren, 26. “Rather than a solo cup on the nightstand,” she says.
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Positioned bedside, for obvious reasons. “All I’d like is a guy to possess moist wipes close to his bed, says Jordana, 27, “and for him to lean over and give them to me or do it himself depending on what type of relationship this is. Then I actually feel cleaned off, and it’s quick and easy. Leaving me sticky until you get up to leave the room to go to the bathroom to get me toilet paper…what you have is a mood ruiner. Keep wipes next to your bed.”
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7. A Brush Or Comb
The fact that dudes can be ready to head out the door with just a shower and throwing on some clothes is already hard enough to wrap my head around. But when you ask a guy to borrow a brush or comb and he looks at you like, why would I own one of those? It never ceases to amaze. “I have actually used a fork to comb out my hair the morning after, straight up Little Mermaid style,” says Nicole, 28. “Can you guys at least pretend like you might run a comb through your hair on a special occasion and own one? They’re cheap, and you can totally also use them as a back scratcher…”
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OK, so this one might sound like a stretch. But JoLisa, 27, says there’s one thing her man could stock up on that would make him win an award. Actually, two things. “In regards to a man needing things in his home, thank god my boyfriend is older and has majority of the things a girl needs to function happily,” she says. “The thing that would set him over the edge would be having a box of emergency tampons and make up remover for me. He always will run out when I need them, so why not have some there?”
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