Women Reveal How They SENSE About Their Engagement Rings (6b5c16d)

Women Reveal How They SENSE About Their Engagement Rings
Do All Women Hate Their Engagement Rings? 16 Women Reveal All
A couple of getting engaged is virtually just a chance for a jeweler to create some money. At the very least, that’s the cynical viewpoint. Of course, the engagement serves as a useful, societally supported trial phase for actual, full-blown marriage, and if that costs a few large then so be it. Better to drop a chunk of your savings on an engagement ring now and have the wedding in a year or three than all of your savings and then some on a wedding now. But, as with any situation where a guy has to buy his significant other something of huge importance without consulting her , there are often misunderstandings, disappointments, and just plain old blunders. Secret-sharing app Whisper shared some of women’s secret thoughts about their engagement rings – let’s find out how well guys score.
The Mother-In-Law
The Terrible Person

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