Women Reveal How They EXPERIENCE Their Engagement Rings Really (fbbc9c8)

Women Reveal How They Really Feel About Their Engagement Rings
Do All Women Hate Their Engagement Rings? 16 Women Reveal All
A couple getting engaged is pretty much just an opportunity for a jeweler to make some money. At least, that’s the cynical point of view. Of course, the engagement serves as a useful, societally supported trial phase for actual, full-blown marriage, and if that costs a few large then so be it. Better to drop a chunk of your savings on an engagement ring now and have the wedding in a year or three than all of your savings and then some on a wedding now. But, as with any situation where a guy has to buy his significant other something of huge importance without consulting her , there are often misunderstandings, disappointments, and just plain old blunders. Secret-sharing app Whisper shared some of women’s secret thoughts about their engagement rings – let’s find out how well guys score.
The Mother-In-Law
The Terrible Person

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