Women Admit TO PRESENTING Pity Sex With Men

Women Admit TO PRESENTING Pity Sex With Men
THIS CAN Break Your Heart: Women Admit TO PRESENTING Pity Sex With Guys
Pity sex is real. Yes, it’s true – not absolutely all sex may be the beautiful miracle that happens when two people really want to bone each other. Sometimes it happens because one person really wants to bone someone, and that person goes along with it despite not really being into it.
The result – as these secrets from Whisper , the secret-sharing app, reveal – is that the sex that follows is almost always a bad idea. It’s rarely enjoyable, almost always regrettable, and it often has very bad real-world consequences. Not to mention that the line between pity sex and non-consensual sex is a pretty damn thin one.
So read these secrets and make sure next time you sleep with someone, it’s not pity sex. Is one person putting a ton of pressure and demands on the other person and then the other person finally relents? Sounds like it could be a classic pity sex scenario. Sex should be fun and mutually enjoyable, not the result of someone putting a ton of pressure on someone else. #NoMorePitySexIn2016
The Giving One
The Surprised One
The Backstabbing One
The Extramarital One
The Regretful One
The Confused One
The Cheating One

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