So instead, date yourself. Treat yourself to Equinox, or Crossfit, or a triathlon, or Orange Theory The advantages of this budding fitness friendship are plentiful.
You’re forced to stay in the moment – If you are stacking another 10 pound plate on the bench press trying to hit a one-rep max, odds are you aren’t thinking about her. You’re focused on that moment and giving the lift all you’ve got. This helps take your mind off the past and future and focus on the now
A healthy routine naturally follows consistent fitness – I find that whenever I’m consistent in going to the gym, everything else falls into line. My morning routine happens more consistently. Meditation, gratitude, healthy eating, time spent outside all have direct positive correlation to hitting the gym
You’ll feel well informed and in charge – Following a breakup, your confidence could be pretty shaken and you feel like you’ll find nothing inside your control also. Your system is really a thing which you have complete power over and an excellent fitness regimen puts you back the driver’s seat. You’ll look better and feel better, giving you a natural confidence which can help in getting you back again to the game
It keeps you from your deep end – When you are dedicated to a trusted gym schedule, you can be less inclined to grab that social cigarette or order another vodka soda before the bars close. When things are going well at the gym, in the event that you deter from that path of positive growth, you’ll receive pissed off at yourself when thinking about taking several steps back.

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