Why Women Love Geeky Guys

In order to realize why women love geeks, first you need to understand the real key differences between a lady and a girl.
A girl might perfectly be attracted to a poor boy” – someone edgy and mysterious, who treats her badly and makes her jump through hoops for his attention because he’s too self-absorbed to prioritize her.
A woman, however, is finished dating a poor boys and instead would like to date someone with whom she may have an intelligent conversation. A girl is continuing to grow right into a sophisticated Once, respectable woman , she’ll know just what she’s searching for and she’ll have higher self-esteem, allowing her to understand being treated well. A female shall appreciate the nice, geeky guy; a woman won’t.
Geeks, dorks and nerds are generally passionate within their life pursuits also. They’re focused on all of the right things and focused on their passions, that is one of many sexiest qualities a guy can possess.
April Masini Relationship Expert , who founded the AskApril relationship forum explains: Geeks, nerds and dorks will be the new jocks. The quarterback always got the girl – but the geek gets the woman. Looks don’t matter as much to women as personality does. A woman wants to dates a person who is smart and funny – and geeks, dorks and nerds fit that bill. They’re focused, hardworking and great in bed because they always want to master every task they set out to accomplish. Geeks are especially attractive due to their high-self-esteem which stems from having a great work ethic and from being naturally intelligent.”
While suave bad boys are usually self-absorbed, geeks are instead very passionate about what they do, and they prioritize all the things in life that should be prioritized – which makes them incredibly successful and ambitious.
Having interesting passions and unique hobbies – even geeky ones – makes you super attractive. I dated a guy who looked incredibly dorky in his golf outfits, but I still loved seeing him get ready for golf. It showed that he had hobbies, and I appreciated how dorky he looked because I knew he was confident in the manner he looked whatever – and that is sexy.
Jay Ewing, CEO of Bird Golf confirms: Golfers are sort of nerdy. Bright polo shirts, plaid pants, and visors? Yep. We got ‘em. But women want men who play sports that demand creativity and skill, not only body checks and sprinting. Women appreciate a guy with precision, skill and out-of-the-box thinking, and that is golf.” Your geeky hobby is a lot more appealing than another man’s capability to smooth-talk her or flex his biceps at her. I’ll pick the golfer on the douche taking selfies at the fitness center any day.
Women definitely aren’t blind to the countless perks of dating a geek, nerd or perhaps a dork. These men frequently have an awesome love of life, they often times have great careers, and they are focused and focused on their work. They shall have their life in order.
A man who’s in a position to carry an intellectual conversation will always stand out, and hanging out with him could be more desirable than with a guy who has poor conversational skills.
Relationship expert, psychologist and Ph.D Jeanette Raymond explains: A guy who includes a keen interest or passion in something beyond himself signals he is able to manage himself, make himself happy and utilize his time productively – that is a real turn-on. It’s attractive whenever a man can offer a female intelligence, drive and vitality to help make the the majority of his life.”
Ambitious women that are smart and driven are certainly searching for a man with exactly the same qualities. Kelly Seal, relationship expert and writer of Date Expectations , reveals: ‘s annual survey showed that using proper grammar was one of the important qualities women looked for in somebody. This was even more important to them than the man’s confidence level! There’s a reason why the smart guy is so appealing: he comes across as thoughtful and able to look after business. He comes across as a man with a good head on his shoulders, who’s confident in himself. At the end of the day, women want to be with someone who engages them with their conversation skills, not someone who can flirt or includes a hot body just.”
NY based Relationship Expert, author and therapist of THINK ABOUT Me? Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship , Dr. Jane Greer agrees: Intelligence is appealing because those people who are smart and knowledgeable have a particular authority in how they speak, and a feeling is had by them of control around them. The geek may be the epitome of intelligence. The known proven fact that they will have a passion reflects their degree of commitment, devotion and positive energy.”

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