Why Women Love Confident Men Page 2

The Direct Man Doesn’t Waste Her Time
A direct man will undoubtedly be upfront and honest if he’s not feeling a link following the first few dates, and he’ll haven’t any problem being direct about how exactly into a woman he could be when he does feel a connection. Ambiguous men, however, often you shouldn’t be honest and would rather waste a woman’s time if it means they can side step an uncomfortable conversation.
The beauty of being direct is that women can feel confident realizing that if something is bothering you, you’ll be straightforward and discuss it, which puts their minds relaxed. Should you be indirect and hard to learn, women will assume you are not all-in, you are avoiding being honest. Although truth may hurt, she’d prefer honesty to wasted time she’ll never reunite.
The Direct Man Wears His Heart On His Sleeve
A direct man won’t beat round the bush due to concern with rejection. He’s emotionally transparent and may communicate openly in what he’s feeling and thinking.
Nicole Prause, Ph.D. and sexual psychophysiologist says, some individuals really battle to communicate their emotions accurately. Desiring somebody ‘direct’ is really code for wanting a person who is aware of their very own emotions and will accurately communicate them, but additionally relieves
some of the pressure on the partner who is attempting to accurately understand their emotions. When any section of this complex chain reduces, it’s rather a source of conflict and may even be central to the partnership ending.”
Women are a lot more drawn to the transparent man than to a guy who is closed-off emotionally. Whenever we were girls, we might have been attracted to the mysterious, ambiguous man who was simply tough to find out simply. Women, though, don’t possess time for that sht. She wants someone to tell her what’s in mind instead of shutting off when something’s wrong.

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