Why We Cheat

No. 4: You intend to know you’ve kept it”
Everyone includes a deep-seated have to feel attractive and wanted, not just by their significant other, but by the public at large. That’s why you clean yourself up when you’re just going out with your bros, or why your ladyfriend puts on makeup even if she’s just going shopping. Even the occasional harmless flirting by or with an attractive member of the opposite sex can put a little extra pep in your step, and that’s fine, because it’s likely your partner who will reap the benefits. For a insecure man, though, that won’t be enough. He needs to actually score so as to feel validated. If you combine the insecurity here with the barren sexual lake beds of No. 6, it’s almost (almost) understandable why some men stray.
No. 3: You couldn’t say no”
If we’re being honest, it’s not often that gorgeous women walk around waving their hoo-has in our faces and handing out open invitations for sexual intercourse. Still, I think most men have, at some point in their lives, had a stylish woman seriously strong in their mind really. How it really is handled by us depends upon several factors, dating status chief included in this presumably. Single? Great, hit it enjoy it owes you money. Not single? Guess what happens the answer ought to be, but do the willpower is had by you ? The type of man who gives into this kind or sort of temptation is frequently less familiar with women, and despite his being spoken for, believes it to be a chance he can’t avoid. But if you have been around the block an interval or two, you remember that type of come-on for what it truly is: abnormal, desperate and type of a turnoff. If it can benefit, you’ll be able to say you couldn’t blame her because you’re so handsome.
No. 2: She disgusts you
In a long-term relationship Sometimes, people let themselves go. Maybe she’s gained plenty of weight, maybe she’s developed a drinking problem or possibly she just can’t appear to get her sht together generally. Whatever it is, the issue with familiarity is you do not notice these things because they happen over time, how you would with a relative or friend you don’t see frequently. Instead, suddenly, you wake up 1 day and realize the creature sharing your apartment is really a far cry from the lady you first said I really like you” to. Again, for a few men, it boils down to choosing between having a hard (potentially fruitless) discussion or simply chasing tail elsewhere.
No. 1: You do not love her anymore

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