Why Shes Dumping You (7f4a414)

8. You’re Always Broke
Everyone hits financial hardship many times in life: those couple years after college you’re flat broke and drowning in education loan payments, enough time you’re release and struggling to cover the rent or that unexpected incident that kicked you in the wallet. It happens. The plain thing is, you’re always in a financial hole.
She’s not really a gold digger but she’s not really a fan of constantly paying your path, covering a complete large amount of the bills and being the principal financial support in the partnership. You may be earning an excellent salary but you’re constantly blowing your money on big ticket things like tech toys and expensive trips together with your pals. It’s your cash, spend it the way you wish, but the proven fact that you have nothing saved for a rainy day and frequently need to bum a couple of bucks off her before payday is starting to wear thin. If she can’t trust you together with your money, how will she manage to trust you once you share a checking account?

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