Why Nice Guys Finish Last

Yes, it’s that time once again: Your entire day we feature your dating and relationship questions. Although we desire to answer every one of these personally and with as much detail as you possibly can, the overwhelming quantity of inquiries forces us to highlight the ones that are best to AskMen readers.
reader’s question
Hi David,
This past year I was dating a female for several months; actually, it was near a committed relationship We’d fun together and had great sex and everything. Then, suddenly, she left and returned to her former fella, an idiot who doesn’t treat her even remotely together with I did.
How can you interpret her behaviour? Is she still interested somehow or what? Is there, according to your experience, any realistic chance to get her back (i.e. to trigger her interest and attraction again)?
Thank you for your help,
A.H. Zurich, Switzerland
david d. responds
Let’s start with the definition of the word “wussy,” shall we? This word is a combination of the words “wimp” and another word that starts with the letter P. Quite simply, a wussy (or wuss) is a guy who tends to behave in a wimpish, submissive, weak, and needy way.
The problem with being a wussy is that women are never attracted to weakness and, thus, they are never attracted to wussies.
Never, ever, ever.
Now, a woman might marry a wussy because he’s either “nice” or the best she can get, or maybe he has lots of money, or he has courted her for so many years that she finally gives in. But the thing is, she’ll never feel genuine attraction for him because nice guys finish last
You see, women don’t choose who they feel attraction for. Bam – it just happens.
Now, one problem that a lot of guys have to face is that turning into a wussy can happen over time. You start off on the right foot and then gradually turn into a wuss with a female – and which makes attraction start to disappear completely inside of her.
When that happens, a female will tell her friends: “I have no idea what it is… but also for some reason lately he’s just annoying to be around.” Even though they’re not consciously alert to it, it bothers women whenever a man that’s thinking about them acts as being a wussy. In lots of women, wussy behaviour actually triggers negative emotions exactly the same way that “manly” behaviour triggers attraction.
Needless to say, the worse things get (and the more annoyed a female becomes) the much more likely a man acts as being a total wussbag. It’s among those vicious cycles that always ends with the girl leaving and the “nice” guy sitting there wondering what he did wrong. Nice guys finish last. Convinced that maybe, if he previously been able to inform her just how much he loved her just, that she would not need left him for that other abusive jerk.
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