Why Netflix And Chill Is Terrible

Something funny happened recently. Somehow the idea of Netflix and Chill ” went from being truly a throwaway internet meme to seemingly becoming the building blocks for 1 / 2 of all millennial dating.
Netflix made a genuine “Netflix and Chill” button.
Posted by AskMen on Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Even Netflix developed a official Netflix and chill” button for this.
For the uninitiated, Netflix and Chill” is shorthand for a romantic date night where rather than going out – and you also know, actually doing something – you merely cut right to chase and attach partway throughout your first episode of House of Cards (which last part is actually optional.)
Look, I’ll work as last person on the world to knock casual hook-ups. Nevertheless the popularity of Netflix and Chill” has developed into approach to celebrating putting absolutely zero effort into dating.
It’s portion of a broader trend. Nowadays, you rarely have to anymore leave your home. Most teenagers don’t own cars, can order their groceries in, bank online, home based and see almost all their friends through Facebook exclusively, Instagram and Snapchat or whatever other social networking is going to appear. Dating is one of the only items that gets teenagers to go out – escape still, hit the gym, buy new threads and take your girlfriend out – because getting laid somewhere , or keeping up some type of relationship just, used to be determined by it.
But this new trend is changing all that. The message with Netflix and Chill” is that yeah, we’re not really trying anymore, and we’re OK with that.”
But that’s where I’ve an issue with it: asking a woman out is really a basic section of any straight guy’s social skill development. It is a tiny challenge, which is the idea of it. I recall the very first time I asked a girl out, I was half-terrified. Not so much if she said no or not, but because if she said yes then I’d have to come up with something to do. So I had to start pushing myself, thinking of ideas that would let me take charge of the situation and keep her happy.
The basic rule of relationships is that if you’re able to make her enjoy her time when she’s with you, you’re set. So you have to develop ideas for something to accomplish, and some real solution to make her enjoy her time, hopefully enough that you will get laid. Needless to say, to a guy that could be a tiny head-scratcher at first, particularly if you have no car no money, but figuring that out and taking that responsibility on is right section of what makes you turn into a man. Placing the responsibility for the girl having a great time before you attach on Netflix is just a cop-out.
It used to be that we’d make fun of guys who would just propose dinner and a movie,” because it was such a staid, predictable idea – the lowest common denominator of dating. But at least that one gets you out of the house. Now the lowest common denominator is literally just come to my house and we’ll have sex, with or without The Walking Dead playing in the background,” and increasingly, that’s becoming the standard. It’s a zero-effort solution – and that’s not a good thing.
When I think of the awesome couples I know in my life, they’re awesome because they go out and do awesome things. Hell, even the cool ones who are just casually hooking up are still checking out cool events together, going hiking, going out for day trips, whatever. If you’re hooking up with a girl, even on a casual or non-exclusive basis , you should at least be putting some modicum of effort into doing something more interesting than hanging out inside your damn dorm room. The Netflix and Chill Starter Pack” tweet that helped start the complete trend features Netflix, a pack of condoms, and a typical white sweatpants and t-shirt, confirming the entire zero-effort thing just.
The “Netflix and chill” starter pack /JaQuCtMaoq
– Starter Pack (@Start3rPack) November 17, 2014
It is the celebration of the that’s so disappointing in the dating world. The promotion of no-effort” culture in the world of millennials is nothing new. Hipster culture could possibly be partly known as celebrating the idea that you wear shtty clothes and focus on shtty music, but don’t give a damn about it. That’s gone totally mainstream. Dating was at the minimum normally the one area where making some type of effort hadn’t become totally passé, and in addition that’s now becoming obsolete, getting replaced by the combination Netflix and Tinder accounts.

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