Why Its Good TO BECOME A Man

Hair, hair everywhere
Sure, there are many men in the marketplace who prefer to wield a razor on regions below their neck – cyclists, perhaps, who take action for “aerodynamic” benefit – but chaps with silky smooth pins come in the minority. For blokes, the more hair, the higher It’s absolutely an indicator of manliness: hairy back, hairy armpits, chest hair, nasal hair, ear hair. You’d flat out dump your girlfriend if she let her hair grow in these regions even though most gentlemen are proficient at maintaining appearances (those who don’t, you understand who you’re), you can probably escape with shunning the razor for each day or two. Women, alternatively, are just as vunerable to hair-related trends because they are to fashion fads. From laser removal to painful private-part waxing, we’d happily forgo the punishment towards a moustache Preferably in the style of Tom Selleck. Ah, Magnum P.I.
Men are studs

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