WHY IS Portuguese Women DESIRE TO Marry Foreign Men

There are numerous elegant and intelligent women in Portugal. As a developed country, Portugal is doing well, especially when we compare Portugal with the rest of the world. But there exists a growing number of Portuguese ladies who wish to marry foreign men and leave their homeland.
• It is hard to obtain a legal abortion in Portugal. Although abortion became legal in Portugal in 2007, obtaining a legal abortion is still quite difficult in reality, partly because it is only allowed during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy and legitimate reasons are required if it’s after 10 weeks, and partly because many doctors refuse to perform abortions because of the influence of the Catholic tradition Therefore, women’s rights are quite limited in practice, even though Portuguese men and women are equal in theory.
• Domestic violence is common in Portugal. Theoretically, Portugal is a developed country with a sophisticated and advanced legal system. However, realistically, a major study in 2008 claims that at least 38% of women in Portugal have been abused physically, mentally or sexually, which is very sad. Apparently, women aren’t protected very well in Portugal, so a number of them want to marry foreign men and leave this country.
• It’s harder for women to find high-paying jobs in Portugal. The literacy rate for women is lower than men’s literacy rate in Portugal -94% VS 97%. Which means it’s more challenging for Portuguese ladies to get employment when a lot more men are well-educated. Also, by 2014, only 31.3% women were in parliament in Portugal, this means politics continues to be considered the domain of Portuguese men in this point in time. It is reported that lots of more women in Portuguese are factory employees and office employees, whereas more men are lawyers and physicians.
• Portugal is probably the poorest countries on the list of richer countries. Though Portugal is really a area of the EU and is known as a developed country, it is also referred to as a 3rd world country in Europe because of the bad economy. Indeed, Portugal gets the lowest GDP per capital in West Europe. Also, in 2018, Portugal had the cheapest purchasing power in the EU. The minimum monthly wage in Portugal is 557 euros, that is incredibly low, when compared to wage in other western countries. Needless to say, there are several rich people in Portugal, but many people are eager to escape a sinking ship country like this. Just as much switched-on Portuguese girlswho speak English know fluently, they’re considering leaving Portugal whenever there’s a chance. In case a Portuguese girl can’t speak English well, then it’s harder on her behalf to leave Portugal.
• Women face health threats in Portugal. The maternal mortality rate is 8 deaths per 100,000 live births in Portugal, that is much higher than a great many other developed countries. Worse still, AIDS/HIV rate is 0.6% in Portugal – one of many highest in Europe. It is stated that HIV/AIDS is quite common among some immigrants in Portugal. Therefore, the national government offers free medical support to greatly help these immigrants, no matter they’re legal or illegal immigrants – the chance is simply too high to ignore illegal immigrants in terms of HIV/AIDS. Clearly, surviving in Portugal as a female isn’t the very best idea on earth
• Foreign men give Portuguese beauties more attention. Everybody knows that women are validated by attention. Even though many Portuguese men take their women for granted, plenty of foreign men surviving in Portugal pay a lot more focus on Portuguese stunners since they look so attractive in foreign men’s eyes. Some hot celebrities are from Portugal: Maria de Medeiros, Benedita Pereira, Rita Pereira, Catarina Nelly and Furtado Furtado Because beauties from Portugal look exotic naturally, they have attracted numerous foreign men’s attention easily.
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