Why Do Women From Hong Kong Play Mind Games With Men

We all know that Hong Kong is one of the most popular cities in China when it comes to dating Asian women. Indeed, women from Hong Kong are well-known for natural beauty, bilingual skills and pleasant personality. Because these girls are so popular, they are spoilt to some degree, so some of them tend to play mind games with men. Have you dealt with any of the following situations before?
Ladies from Hong Kong give men sht tests. Because Hong Kong women generally have high standards when it comes to dating and relationships, they have a long list – men need to meet their standards before sleeping with them. Of course, we shouldn’t blame women because women must have lots of standards in this regard because of their biological programming – in a woman’s subconscious mind, she actually is thinking, If he puts his dk in me and ejaculates in 2 minutes, I would be pregnant and in nine months I would die in childbirth and he will probably leave!” Therefore, women certainly have high standards , so that they are always asking, Does he meet this standard? Does he meet that standard?” This is normal and natural. If you truly believe in natural selection, you’ll have a far better time while dating beauties from Hong Kong because now you realize why you’ll get a great deal of sht tests. Incidentally, don’t feel offended at these times. Just pass their sht tests. Let’s take a look at the example below.
You: What can you enjoy doing in your free time?
Girl: I like watching television.
You: Frankly, I haven’t watched any TV since 1999 because I don’t possess time for that. I don’t believe TV is a good invention as it will waste people’s time.
Girl: Am I being judged here?
You: Actually, After all everyone has their very own preferences and interests & it’s okay to accomplish your own thing.
Girl: Okay. What’s your hobby?
In this example, in the event that you apologize after she says Am I being judged here?”, you’re jumping through hoops and can’t pass the sht test. That is why you mustn’t apologize for having another opinion The lady from Hong Kong actually really wants to know that it is possible to disagree with her as you have backbone. Devoid of an opinion isn’t sexy. So, you need to be a real man and also have you own opinions, so long as you aren’t opinionated!
Women from Hong Kong are probably more interested in your money. Okay. This sounds like a generalization. We shouldn’t say all women in Hong Kong are like that. But I’ve met at least 10 ladies from Hong Kong and all of them are interested in dating rich men. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t blame them at all. What I’m attempting to say is every beauty from Hong Kong that I’ve met has joined sugar daddy internet dating sites in order to search for rich men. That is why they gave me this impression. Subsequently, if you are not just a millionaire, you are most likely competing with several millionaire men that are in to the girl from Hong Kong that you want because she actually is possibly on a sugar daddy dating site. Interestingly, Seeking Arrangement, the world’s biggest sugar daddy dating website, originated in Hong Kong. By that After all even though headquarters of Seeking Arrangement is in america, its mobile app originated in Hong Kong (it’s been removed on Apple’s iTunes recently due to its controversy in China). Don’t forget that the founder of Seeking Arrangement Brandon Wade is also an Asian American guy with ambition, vision and intelligence, as evidenced by the success of all his dating sites in the wealthy dating niche. Please note that when a woman from Hong Kong asks questions about your job and where you live, she is probably assessing how much money you have and how much money you make, because your job indicates your income & where you live indicates your net worth. That’s right – she can easily check websites such as to see how much money you make if you work for a well-known company, and if you live in a respectable, upper-class area of the city, she will know your net worth is probably high. It is a kind of mind game that ladies from Hong Kong tend to play with men they are dating.
How to outsmart girls from Hong Kong: Although beauties from Hong Kong understand how to play mind games with men, you can still outsmart them! The first step is to read Robert Greene’s The Art of Seduction The reason I highly recommend Robert Greene’s books is because this author is a real strategist who understands Asian strategies, although he isn’t Asian (he is an American author). He has read many books about Asian strategies, so he can teach western men a lot in this regard in English. If you’ve read his book about seduction techniques, it is possible to outsmart stunners from Hong Kong and become the winner in any mind game in dating and relationships. Of course, if you would like more competitive edge, you may read all of Robert Greene’s books, e.g. The 48 Laws of Power(this is actually the modern and realistic version of How to Win Friends and Influence People), The 33 Strategies of War(this book is about how to use Asian strategies to become a winner in business and in life), The 50th Law(this book is about how to become fearless), Mastery(this book is approximately how to learn an art extremely well and be a master in a particular field) and The Laws of Human Nature (this new book is approximately how exactly to understand human nature and use your understanding in your favor). For anyone who is equipped with precisely what Robert Greene teaches in this field, you will likely become invincible while dating women from Hong Kong because most girls in Hong Kong don’t read anything – they only watch Television shows. Therefore, reading gives you an unfair advantage that can help you win every mind game in a relationship with a female from Hong Kong. Unless you want to cope with mind games in relationships, you then either have to date Eastern European women instead, or stay single. (Disclaimer: Although I’ve recommended some books in this paragraph, it generally does not mean I’m a joint venture partner marketer of anyone. Whether you get these books or not is very your decision & I won’t get a commission if you opt to buy books that I’ve recommended. This site does not have any affiliate link sending visitors to Amazon for online shopping. You’re welcome.)
By the way, remember that beauties in Hong Kong are often bilingual – a lot of people in Hong Kong can speak Cantonese and English. Younger people can speak three languages: Cantonese, Mandarin and English. With that said, taxi drivers in Hong Kong generally can’t speak English because a lot of them aren’t very well-educated. But in the event that you are likely to meet high-value girls in Hong Kong, it’s likely that they could speak English fluently and will talk to western men perfectly.

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