Why Do Nice Guys Finish Last

You hear this over and over again: Nice guys finish last Women just don’t want a nice guy; they want the jerk, the bad boy And that means you think to yourself, I’ve got to learn how to be a complete player. I’ve got to learn to put women down. I’ve surely got to discover how to not call her, learning to make her want me. I’ve surely got to play games. I’ve surely got to create attraction this way – that’s after that work.”
Guess what happens once the nice guy starts to achieve that? He can’t make that work either. Because it isn’t authentic. He doesn’t own his words, he doesn’t run into as that kind of person and a female can read through it and understand that he’s just playing a casino game.
Just what exactly does he do? He does the proper thing. He treats women with plenty of respect. Women always appear to say to him, I simply desire to be friends.” Well, do nice guys finish last? It’s partially true.
Women don’t want the nice guy. They always say they need a good guy, but what they want is a wonderful guy. A man with principles. A man who really understands and respects himself. Nice guys respect themselves in ways, however they always agree. Whenever they’re from a date with a female, they’re always agreeing with everything she says. She may say, I enjoy eat eggs while hiking up a mountain.” Even though the nice guy knows doing something similar to which will give him indigestion, he’ll say, Sounds great! I enjoy hike mountains while eating eggs, too!” She may simply tell him, I really desire to have a skydiving vacation. ” The nice guy may have acrophobia, but still he’ll say, Me, too!”
The Nice Guy Defined
As the nice guy can be an agreeable person, he’s got no control over his life. He allows women ahead into his life, he will abide by them on everything, and hopes and prays these women should him to be so agreeable. It’s so very important to women to like him, so he’s Mr. Agreeable.
Mr. Agreeable never gets the lady. He never gets the next date following the first because he’s boring. What being so agreeable tells a female is that you don’t have sufficient self-respect to endure your own values. You do not think enough of you to ultimately own your identity, which means you become accommodating, inoffensive and boring. You feel the boring nice guy nobody really wants to date. When you’re drawn to a woman, you do everything you can to please her. She’s got a cold? You’ll bring her cold medicine. She tells you she’s got a headache tonight? You drive her home. She tells you that she can’t see you this weekend, you’ll say, Oh, that’s OK. We’ll get together whenever you’re ready.” You don’t have a plan. You’re wishy-washy on everything you do. You’re Mr. Whatever-You-Want-To-Do.

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