Why Are Singapore Women Changing These Days

Since 2015, I’ve received an increasing number of questions from western men asking questions like:
I thought Singapore women tend to be more traditional than western women, therefore i moved to Singapore to meet up Singaporean women, however in reality, they aren’t very traditional. Why?
I needed to marry a well-educated, intelligent Singapore bride. However, every well-educated, intelligent Singaporean lady that I’ve met only targets her career. What must i do?
It appears that accomplished ladies in Singapore don’t even need to get married and also have children. MUST I leave Singapore and go someplace else?
Well, the solution requires a lot longer explanation, hence this short article.
Singapore is probably the Four Asian Tigers, this means that it is more westernized than you understand.
A couple of years ago, An article is read by me written by a journalist in Singapore who interviewed Daiyaan Caan, founder of Bizz (an internet business school that is closed now because Daiyaan has changed his career completely). At that right time, Daiyaan was building his WEB BUSINESS Academy in Singapore after surviving in Bali for some time.
When Daiyaan was in Bali, he didn’t enjoy it because he was constantly coping with mosquitoes, people and slow Web connection. It had been a frustrating experience. Needless to say, we do acknowledge the known proven fact that Bali gets the most beautiful scenery in Indonesia. Yet it isn’t the very best location for entrepreneurs probably.
Daiyaan moved to Singapore and he absolutely loved after that it, as Singapore is quite clean and civilized with advanced Internet and other technology. Better still, Daiyaan was able to meet high achievers who are also interested in entrepreneurship. It is indeed among the best places in Asia.
Obviously, a modern, clean and wealthy country like Singapore has westernized women who highly value education & careers and may not value family that much. In fact, the Singaporean government want to encourage Singaporean women to have more children – well-educated ladies in Singapore are encouraged to have more kids, but it is obvious that when a woman gets more educated, she is less likely to have more children.
In contrast, when a woman gets less education, she is much more likely to have more kids.
My neighbor’s grandma was born in 1918 who had 13 children and she was an illiterate woman from Singapore.
My neighbor is a 35-year-old Singaporean beauty- she is beautiful, energetic and cultured with an advanced degree from a well-known university. But she is not dating anyone. She really wants to be childfree and do whatever she wants.
And she appears like her grandma. I’ve seen their photos.
Nevertheless the major difference is she was made in contemporary society that informed her to trust in today’s day, westernized value system, i.e. likely to university and having a lucrative career ought to be more valuable than starting a family group and looking after her husband & kids.
Most of her friends have watched the American Television show Sx and the populous city , so that they are influenced by American culture – they enjoy being free and single.
To write this article, I interviewed my neighbor who shared her insights with me at length kindly.
Previously, my grandma needed a provider, so she married my grandpa when she was an adolescent,” says my neighbor, She had 13 children. My grandpa protected her and provided on her behalf.”
Today Why do modern Singaporean beauties prefer another lifestyle?” I asked.
Nowadays we prefer another life-style because nowadays Singaporean girls can head to university and discover jobs. Quite simply, now we have been protected by the national government as a result of comprehensive law and policy. Also, today the provider is our careers – my job may be the real provider. That is why I don’t require a man in my own life.” Her honesty is real.
As a matter of known fact, modern culture that’s westernized tends to think that women with successful careers tend to be more respectable than stay-at-home moms, although a lot of people don’t say so in public areas as they desire to be politically correct.
Because the value system of the complete culture has changed, Singapore girls’ behavior must change accordingly, which isn’t surprising at all
That’s why they are becoming more and more similar to western women nowadays.
The main differences between beauties in Singapore and women in other Asian countries are subtle and thought-provoking.
I know several global players very well – they travel the world and live a fun lifestyle: these western men either have figured out online businesses or are teaching English overseas, so they will be able to live wherever they need. They left western countries because they’re disappointed by western women – now they would like to meet foreign women.
I asked one of these why he really wants to reside in Eastern Europe. This American guy’s answer is quite interesting, I prefer surviving in Eastern Europe because Let me date more White girls in Eastern Europe when I’m still young. WHEN I get older, it’ll be harder for me up to now White girls that are young and hot. In those full days, I will check out Southeast Asia and date Asian women who don’t mind sleeping with older men.”
Indeed, many younger Asian women are very happy to date older men , but several Asian girls aren’t in Singapore.
In fact, women in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines will marry older men.
A British guy surviving in SOUTH USA explained that he would like to have a home in Brazil because he hates the cold climate in Eastern Europe. I lived in Ukraine for each year and didn’t appreciate it. Don’t get me wrong. I love Ukrainian girls really, the climate in Eastern Europe is too cold however. I favor surviving in a warm climate, i moved to Brazil therefore,” says this British gentleman, I’M dating multiple Brazilian women who truly love me NOW. Well, I thought when I get older, I’ll probably check out Asia where younger women don’t mind marrying older men. Nevertheless it seems that I possibly could still have a home in Brazil for at least a decade because now i’m already 40 and I possibly could still date women in their early 20s nowadays – Brazilian girls like me.”
Apparently, this British man isn’t considering moving to Asia soon.
I also interviewed an Australian guy who’s currently surviving in Asia so as to meet Asian women. Initially, I was surviving in Singapore so as to attach with Singapore women. However they are very hard to obtain. At the beginning, these were sizing me up and attempting to see how much value I have. Honestly, I’m a high-value guy, but I don’t like being taken advantage of, so I left Singapore and now I’ve moved to Thailand,” says this Australian guy, Frankly, women in Singapore are hotter than women in Thailand, as Singapore girls have fair skin & I prefer women with fair skin. But anyway, women from other Asian countries are better to get, according to my personal experience.”
In conclusion, this Australian man’s verdict is Singapore beauties are harder to obtain because they’re more hypergamous. On the other hand, women in other Parts of asia are a bit simpler to get because they are less hypergamous.
The success story between a Canadian man and his Singaporean wife is inspiring.
Before writing this short article, I interviewed a Canadian guy who’s married to a Singaporean bride. They reside in Singapore, but they are preparing to moving to Canada permanently.
Actually, the approach to life in Singapore is great, but I sweat like a dog here,” says this Canadian man, Therefore, I’ve determined to take my Singapore wife to Canada – the climate is more desirable. My partner likes the cold climate in Canada Hopefully.”
His wife from Singapore says they might have a brand new plan: spending every summer in Canada and spending every winter in Singapore. That sounds awesome.
This Canadian guy met his Singapore wife on a Singaporean women dating website 2 yrs ago. We were holding chatting and he visited Singapore and meet her personally online.
They hit it off once they met each other soon. One year later, we were holding engaged. This year they got married.
I informed her I’d marry her when I visited her house and saw her library,” says this Canadian gentleman, A lady is what she reads. On her behalf behalf bookshelf, I saw three forms of books: 1) books about personal finances; 2) books about mastery; 3) books about looking after herself. I like precisely how she thinks – since it happens that she actually is a fantastic thinker who loves reading.”
His Singaporean lady is really a published blogger and author. She says she’ll never have a genuine job because she doesn’t need one.
I can earn a living by writing, and I understand I’m very lucky because of that – most writers are starving artists,” says this lady from Singapore, I not only receive royalties from my books every month, but also run ads on my blog which generates a reasonable income. Therefore, I don’t have to find a job and work for a company. That’s why I’m happy to go to Canada with my husband.”
It is clear that beauty from Singapore is not a traditional woman, but she actually is certainly not among those modern women who already have an employee’s mindset. Do not get me wrong. I believe it’s perfectly okay to be a worker because entrepreneurship is certainly overrated nowadays. What I’m saying is this Singapore lady is exclusive.

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