Which Category Is POPULAR On Dating Apps For Android

A few decades ago, Jacqueline Kennedy said famously, There are two forms of women: those that want power on earth and those who would like power in bed.” Does which means that women are pretty either intelligent or? Well, we did an experiment on dating recently apps for Android. Here’s how it works:
We created two profiles – one is really a pretty woman’s dating profile and another can be an intelligent woman’s dating profile. Both of these profiles are on both Badoo and POF (two popular dating apps for Android ). And here’s their performance:
The pretty woman appears like the blonde girl in Legally Blonde – she actually is sexy and attractive. Her No. 1 feature is her visual appearance. Her profile isn’t very well-written because she actually is said to be pretty only. There are various grammar and spelling errors in her profile. On the other hand, the intelligent woman appears like the brunette in Legally Blonde – she actually is not ugly, but she definitely doesn’t seem to be a Victoria’s Secret hottest model Her profile is fairly well-written because she happens to be reported to be very well-educated – her writing skills indicate her high IQ.
After a week, the pretty woman gets 74 matches on Badoo and 69 matches on POF. Compared, the intelligent woman gets 41 matches on Badoo and 38 matches on POF. Apparently, the pretty woman is really a complete lot popular on dating apps for Android.
That said, let’s have a look at what happens next.
Among 74 matches on Badoo and 69 matches on POF , the pretty girl has 39 conversations going, partly because her conversational skills aren’t excellent, and partly as the utmost men who like her aren’t really into excellent conversations – they’re only attracted to her sexiness.
However, among 41 matches on Badoo and 38 matches on POF, the intelligent woman has 37 conversations going, partly because she actually is an excellent conversationalist actually, and partly because equally intelligent guys like her (these men have the talents to keep the conversations going).
Are you currently experiencing a dating preference? Which category is it possible to prefer, pretty women or intelligent women?
Ultimately, the pretty woman can only keep 15 men’s attention after week or two. The intelligent woman keeps 26 men’s attention on both Badoo and POF. This means the intelligent woman’s benefits are more advanced than the pretty women’s results, despite the fact that pretty lady attracted far more men initially.
Key takeaways using this experiment:
Dating apps for Android are best regarded as a members’ photos, this implies your first impression will depend on the way you look entirely.
Your first impression isn’t your last impression. The original impression shall attract other users for you personally , the last impression could make real things happen however.
Gorgeous women with brains are rare: wish good-looking girl has recognized her attractiveness based on how she’s been treated since a age, she actually is less likely to work hard to create herself stand out from the crowd. This is why I highly appreciate attractive women who’ve brains – they’re pleased to do the effort so as to enhance their intelligence, despite the fact that they curently have resources. Therefore, beautiful women with brains have the power to change the world.
Relationships with intelligent women are more sustainable because smart women understand how to manage relationships effectively and generally have good communication skills – that’s how they survive and thrive in modern-day society where women have chances to become successful.
Intelligent women are usually not high-maintenance women because they have the capabilities to look after themselves and their men. That’s why smart men choose intelligent women on dating apps for Android.
It’s easy to get hot women on popular dating apps because many men who choose hot girls aren’t that good at online game. For those who have good game, it’s not hard to get sexy women who use dating apps.
The standard of women on Badoo and POF is generally very high. In this day and age, high-quality women also download the most famous dating apps It doesn’t mean they can’t meet high-value men offline. It only means they consider the best dating apps are a legitimate way to meet single men and maybe they find this method saves them time.
Do you have a dating preference? Which category do you prefer, pretty women or intelligent women? Please leave a comment below and let me know!

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