What Women Think About Bodybuilders

What woman doesn’t just like a muscular man? Buff arms, an easy chest and strong shoulders make women feel secure and protected. Guys aren’t doing set after band of crunches ’cause it’s fun; they know how much ladies love six-pack abs But there exists a fine line between skanky and sexy. Bodybuilders have a step (or five) an excessive amount of by bulking up way beyond any normal standards. By morphing their health into exaggerated – some may say grotesque – shapes, they will have the opportunity to gross out women everywhere successfully. I’ve no basic idea where men got the idea that bodybuilding is hot, but, believe me, it isn’t.
It really is admitted by us, there exists a vanity double standard
Adonis complex, anyone? We’re individuals who are more likely to take longer planning. Primping, fussing and spending two hours in the bathroom . may be the domain of women traditionally, in fact it is enjoyed by us such as this. If she’s the wash-and-go type, she’s even less likely to enjoy your obsession using your appearance. In the written book Adonis Complex, author Harrison Pope details at length stories of women whose partners became so consumed with getting bigger they allowed their relationships to falter. Many of these guys spent so plenty of time at the fitness center they rarely saw their partners, although some simply relished so much obsessive attention on the physical bodies that their partners felt invisible compared. The point is, it sucked for the ladies.
We’re creeped out by your protruding veins
Ooh, is really a vein? I could supply you with a shot Maybe! A great deal of men become so infatuated with themselves they actually forget what’s attractive to women. Veins bulging from your own limbs, neck as well as your forehead are simply just plain gross also. Veins are for the Incredible Hulk, not just a normal man just.
The stuffed sausage look is distressing
Sausage – delicious! But so delicious we would rather be reminded of it every right time we see your bare arms? No, not necessarily! Ensure it is rain? Similar to make it dry. Whenever your insides look like they will burst from your skin, it’s almost painful to check out.
We’re confused by your bizarre bodily proportions
Bodybuilders generally have gigantic shoulders stacked along with tiny little waists. We recognize that many men love the thought of a lady with extra-large breasts and a pinched waist, the aesthetic won’t translate more than the sexes however. On a guy, the proper execution borders on monstrosity. Yes, broad shoulders on a guy are a complete turn-on, but broad shoulders won’t be the same as colossal monstrous shoulders It’s about proportion.
Your tan shouldn’t appear to be it includes a smell
To be fair, orange complexion doesn’t result from bodybuilding, nonetheless it does include the territory. Bodybuilders are so fixated with looking like Arnold circa 1985 they not only workout at night point of normalcy, however they tan so difficult they look like burnt hot dogs. Red, leathery skin should be saved for a handbag.
If you enjoy working out , don’t feel like we’re singling you out. Women love a fit body.
Think Matthew McConaughey playing the bongos (ignoring, for all intents, the bongos) or Brad Pitt in Fight Club – lean and sexy, not big and monstrous. We want someone we can wrap our arms around, not a guy who’d be able to break our hand by squeezing his pecs together.
We love concern, but not obsession, about appearance
Looking good will no doubt win you points with the ladies. But obsessing about your appearance and asking your lady if you’re big enough is not attractive. Make sure you’re in shape, your threads are cute, you smell good, and your hair is combed. These are the hallmarks of someone who cares about his appearance but isn’t consumed by it.
Smooth skin is sexy, rippled skin not so much
There’s nothing like rubbing your hands all over your man. But if he’s vein-y, ripply and bulging, it’s easy to get turned off. Toned arms and a taut chest are delicious to touch, but vein-y skin is not. The only thing we should be feeling besides skin is hair, not veins.
We love your skin! Don’t paint it!
Lightly bronzed is sexy; looking like you’re developing skin cancer is not. Overly tanned skin ages and looks saggy earlier than unexposed skin. Do yourself a favor and skip the George Hamilton look for a fresh, natural skin tone.

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