What To Do On Valentines Day When Youre Single

It’s almost that point of the entire year again. Love is in the new air. Roses, heart-shaped chocolate boxes and your choice of where you can take your spouse on ROMANTIC DAYS CELEBRATION is on (almost) everyone’s minds.
But imagine if you’re single AF and do not have a substantial other to be romantic with on Valentine’s Day? What do you do?
Don’t listen to what everyone is telling you – being single on V-Day can be just as much fun as going out on a random date. It’s definitely cheaper and can turn out to be more fun!
So if you find yourself single on the day of love, here are some other things you can do:
1. Treat Yo Self
Take a page out of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle’s book from ‘Parks and Recreation’ and Treat. Yo. Self. V-Day is normally a lavish affair where you spend money on your significant other. Well, this V-Day, turn that around and treat yourself! Be your own Valentine and pamper yourself. Buy yourself that gift you didn’t get during the holidays or go to a spa and have a full day of pampering. Most importantly, declare it a me day and just do whatever the hell you want to do.
2. Throw A V-Day Singles Party
Forget going to a fancy dinner and trying to impress your date sitting across from you at a dimly lit restaurant. Just invite all your single friends over and increase the tunes, whip out some party games and just celebrate. And hey who knows, perhaps a detailed friend brings a person friend along that you connect to.
3. Attend A V-Day Singles Party
Don’t feel like throwing a celebration? Well get your ass to a singles party! You shouldn’t be embarrassed to accomplish this. Everyone else at the party will undoubtedly be single aswell undoubtedly, so it is an excellent spot to meet up someone,” says Samantha Daniels, Professional Founder and Matchmaker of The Dating Lounge dating app.
4. Volunteer
V-Day is devoted to love, but why limit it to couples’ love? Plan to volunteer at a charity on February 14th, to improve desire to ill children in a hospital terminally, or to a geriatric facility, or spend that evening together with your grandparents or parents….serve in a soup kitchen…the list is endless of individuals who require a loving hand extended their way on that day,” says Los Angeles-based therapist Dr. Nancy Irwin
Corral your entire single friends and also have a particular date. Celebrate what great friends you have and take action fun like going out for drinks or an activity. However, make sure never to spend the complete evening complaining about being single and how depressed you’re,” says Daniels.
6. Make Netflix Your Date
You’ve been busy and haven’t had to be able to catch up on Creating a Murderer or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, so make your self comfortable on your own couch. There is nothing more decadent than binge-watching with one glass of red and a slice of pepperoni!” says relationship expert April Masini
7. Keep Swiping
If you are on Tinder , Hinge, Bumble, Happn or other mobile dating apps, stay static in and have an electronic love affair together with your cellular phone,” says Julie Spira, internet dating expert, dating coach, and founder of V-Day is on a Sunday, but it is also a holiday weekend, usually are not knows – you might just get yourself a date for 15th, on Presidents’ Day.”
It can be frustrating to be single on V-Day, but hanging out with people you like is what counts on ROMANTIC DAYS CELEBRATION,” says Jenny Appelbaum, founder and matchmaker of Jenny Apple Matchmaking

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