What Naughty Lies Do Girls Tell TO BE ABLE TO Marry The Rich Pretty

There is nothing wrong with telling a white lie in order to make the world a better place, so please don’t see the title of this article as something negative.
• Women’s makeup is also a lie. Skin-care products are mostly real because these days skin-care technology is very advanced. But makeup is actually a lie – foundation makes a woman’s skin look radiant; eye shadow makes a woman’s eyes look bigger; mascara makes a woman’s lashes longer; lipstick makes a woman’s lip more luscious. Of course, these are all delusional, but we all love it! Indeed, men actually like makeup; men just don’t know it! If you ask a man whether Cameron Diaz looks hotter with makeup or without makeup, the answer is quite simple – he will tell you Cameron Diaz looks more attractive with makeup & you’ll find nothing wrong with that. If makeup only makes gorgeous women look less desirable, why would women purchase makeup to begin with? Remember that the makeup industry is really a multi-billion-dollar industry!
• Pretty women can only just marry the rich if they’re smart or lucky. Being pretty is fairly lucky already, however, not every pretty lady can marry a rich man. I understand a hot woman named Nina. She married a rich husband in probably the most surprising way. In 2015, Nina was driving alone on New Year’s Eve and she had room to go because she was an individual woman living a long way away from her parents. She noticed a BMW before her Then, so she followed that car. As that luxury car entered a gate, she entered the gate also. Then she walked right out of the car and said Happy New Year” to people because house. It was a big house party to celebrate 2016. Basically, Nina followed a stranger and visited a fancy party hosted by another stranger. As the ongoing party had at least 50 people, it turned out hard to know the true way the hell Nina got there! Nina immediately had some new friends at the party then one of her new friends wasa hot girl named Wendy, the host’s assistant. Following the ongoing party, Nina contacted Wendy, requesting the telephone level of the guy that she followed while she entered the real home. Nina could only describe what that guy appeared to be and what car he was driving, so Wendy guessed it should be John and gave her John’s contact number. Nina texted John and said, Hi Jack. That’s Nina. Weekend It turned out great to meet you last. I am sorry for what I said at the airport. Actually, I’d like to possess a relationship Thank you for coming to my 25th party. Please i wish to know you aren’t offended using what I said at the airport.” obviously Then, John assumed it must be an incorrect number, so John ignored this text, but at that brief moment John knew Nina should be a 25-year-old woman searching for love. Week later One, Nina sent John another text, Hello Jack. Are you currently mad at me still? I’m so sorry for what I said at the airport. I really do care about you. And I do hope you are okay? Please let me know everything is all right. If you are coming to Manhattan again, please contact me because I wish to see you again. Love you! Thank you!Nina.” Don’t forget that men love romance, so John was curious about this sexy lady & he sent her a text message, Hi Nina, I think you’ve got a wrong phone number. Well, in fact, I’m coming to Manhattan next week. Would you like to catch up?” Nina replied, Sorry for the wrong number. Oh, yes, we certainly can catch up.” That’s how Nina met John officially. When John rocked up in Manhattan one week later, they started a relationship and as I’m typing this article now, these two people are married. Recently, Nina told me that she learned this technique from Ginie Sayles in a YouTube video. Ginie’s story is a bit different because Ginie’s rich guy with a luxury car wasn’t the guy that the party host’s secretary was talking about, but in the end, Ginie still dated that guy with an incorrect” contact number because that guy can be rich.
• Gorgeous girls fake orgasms during intercourse. Why do women fake orgasm? Well, that’s since they want to take care of the male ego! Statistics show that hot women married to rich men will have real orgasms than women that are married to poor men because money can be an aphrodisiac. How interesting is that?! Basically, which means hot girls need not fake orgasms if they are married to the rich unless their rich husbands are too physically unattractive. But anyway, faking an orgasm can be like telling a white lie to make men happy in order that men can make women happy beyond your bedroom.

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