What Does REAL LOVE Feel Like

There are just as much answers to the question “What’s love?” as possible find people on earth. Babies know what love is, toddlers know what love is; teens, adults and old people know what love is. Hell, animals know what love is even, and scientists will likely discover a real solution to prove that plants can love too in the not-too-distant future.
But knowing that you are feeling something and to have the ability to put it into words are two various things entirely. So we considered our esteemed writers and faithful readers to inquire further what real love feels as though within their mind, and boy did they deliver. Proceed through their experiences, thoughts and emotions – and see in the event that you recognize your personal situation.
1. True Love Is CLEARING UP A Trash Bag Of Watery Puke
I first knew I needed to spend the others of my entire life with my fiancée whenever we spent each day holed up in an inexpensive Bangkok hotel as she vomited prolifically.
It had been day three of per month long backpacking trip through Southeast Asia and she had ignored advice to avoid raw vegetables. As I looked at her peacefully napping after another bout of retching, I realized there was nowhere else I’d rather be.
True love is cleaning up a trash bag of watery puke not just because you know that person would do the same for you without question, but because it doesn’t occur to you to do anything else. It’s wanting each other when times are good but needing each other when things go south.
2. True Love Is Peace Of Mind
Reassurance, warmth, calmness. You don’t need to rush somewhere.
– by AskMen guyQ user KenAdams
3. True Love IS REALLY A Weight Being Lifted Off You
I recall when I realized that I was in love… My pulse rapidly but my breathing was slow… It appeared like everything around me went from monochrome to bursting with color… When he hugged me it felt like I simply wished to freeze time. In which to stay the heat of his hug than let go rather.
I was forget about stressed and instead felt like a large weight have already been lifted off my chest. It felt like we were the only real two people on earth. It’s a feeling that you will never forget…
– by an anonymous AskMen guyQ user
4. True Love FEELS AS THOUGH Being Home
Feeling deeply in love gives me strength – it creates me feel like I could accomplish items that scare me (true self-love gets the same effect). I realized I was truly in love when I started picturing having children with my boyfriend and I felt super certain and happy about any of it (two of my exes spoke about having a family group 1 day but I knew deep down that I didn’t truly “view it”).
Real love goes beyond the original passion, it feels as though being home – you’re a team and proceed through life’s good and the bad as partners. Also, being truly in love is freedom – it never feels restrictive. You will be anywhere else nevertheless, you choose to be for the reason that partnership again and again (I really believe it’s normal to see doubts in the end but residing in love is really a choice: It’s much too an easy task to fall for someone but it’s more difficult to nurture love long-term, and that is true love if you ask me).
– by AskMen guyQ user Anouare
5. True Love FEELS AS THOUGH Security
True love will probably bed with him for you and understanding that regardless of what close, it doesn’t matter how hard life beats you or how hopeless you feel down, he it’s still there every day.
6. True Love IS OFTEN A Glowing Sensation
A warm, glowing sensation, spreading during your body.
Doing totally mundane things together similar to the supermarket shop Even, becomes meaningful. Every decision you make has new significance because it impacts someone very dear for you personally.
Life becomes interesting in new ways. You feel very present, you intend money for hard times yet. You feel more responsible, as you are trying to find someone out, yet more childlike, because love is playful quite.
Something tangible will be, and a lot of more trivial items which held your attention once, fade into insignificance.
It puts things into perspective.
– by AskMen guyQ user Sedgewick
Real love is nothing beats all you see on TV and in movies – but, I don’t believe in love initially sight, so I’m biased. Real love doesn’t explode like a bomb, it illuminates an certain area like a candle; It’s steady, warm, inviting, and real. Real love does take time to create and placed into motion, kind of like building an airplane – you will discover so many moving parts therefore a variety of items that have to work together to generate it safe and long-lasting.
It needs attention always, but could be relied upon always. I don’t think you truly know very well what it’s like and soon you feel it and realize everything you’ve felt before is barely a sliver of everything you feel if you are in love. It’s trust, it’s harmony, it’s humor, it is a real human connection which makes you feel like you’ve known someone your entire life.
8. True Love Is Empathetic, Consistent, Kind, Diligent
I’ve been in love a few times, and I think my definition of love has changed so much over time and will likely continue to change. From 2006 to 2013, it was with my high school boyfriend.
Obsessive and unhealthy and unconditional (which isn’t a positive trait, in my opinion), our days were defined by whether we loved or hated one another more that day. The following year, it was a whirlwind long-distance love for 12 months with someone wherein the circumstances were doomed from the start, but we treated each other well and he showed me that tumultuous ups and downs are not intrinsically tied to being in love.
That’s why, when I fell in love the following year with a person who became abusive after a few months, I didn’t romanticize the shittiness of it. I just left. I knew love didn’t need to be chronically exhausting or boundlessly passionate, nor did my inability to keep up that specific relationship translate to an inability to keep up any relationship.
Now, to me, even though I am not in love with anybody at the moment, it could mean things as simple as knowing to hold my hand when a loud noise happens because I get anxious, or eating breakfast in your kitchen while we read each other’s work, or me not planning them a surprise party (despite the fact that I like parties!) because I am aware they’d rather just search for a movie. Empathetic, consistent, kind, diligent – it’s probably cliche, but those are what I would like the next time I fall in love.
9. True Love FEELS AS IF A Bruise ALL ON YOUR OWN Heart
I do recall the first time I realized I love my now husband really. I was just sitting seeking to him ahead have pub lunch with me forward, and watching him wend his way through each of the social people, I I was overcome by using a physical reaction. It felt for instance a spreading bruise within my heart warm and slightly tender to touch.
– by AskMen guyQ user Wilde
10. True Love FEELS AS THOUGH A Pregnancy Scare
A couple of years ago I dated an artist who was simply supremely talented and an excellent soul, but we were totally incompatible as people, therefore i broke things off. Unfortunately, we were extremely sexually compatible, which imply that we went almost a year after after the breakup meeting up a few times a month to hook up.
It was an emotional nightmare, and at one point we had a pregnancy scare. Neither of us was old enough to be a parent, but in that moment, I realized I was actually excited by the possibility we’d always be in each other’s lives in some way if we had a child together. That might have been the closest thing I’ve ever felt to the kind of love they show in movies.
– by AskMen guyQ user unphazed
11. True Love Feels Like Nothing… (Yet)
I really wish I knew. I have loved, but I’ve never been in love.
– by AskMen guyQ user DEMASIADO1980

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