What A Genuinely Good Tinder Profile Looks Like

So, we’ve viewed many profiles that require help out with recent rounds of Rating Your Dating This week, we’ve the one that is in fact excellent. I’m almost slightly nervous to praise it, because it is definitely Next Level, I believe it might be executed in the wrong manner by less deft hands, but I’ll get really specific so there is no confusion.
Here’s Michael, 24, engineering student and possible Tinder genius
The Photos
Overall rating: 8 /10
Overall, these photos are excellent in the basics of just one 1) We are able to tell what Michael appears like and 2) We are able to get yourself a sense of the stuff Michael loves to do, but, also, oh my God, also, they are all in exactly the same color palette. It’s as though a film director staged these images to all or any line up in a aesthetic tone. After all, by enough time you’re done considering the lineup, you’re left with a clearly communicated feeling of what it could mean up to now Michael and continue his nature-adjacent adventures with him.
The initial one on the train: 7/10
With another profile, I’d probably say that is too artsy for an initial pic, but this works. You obtain just enough of a feeling of what Michael appears like, with a lot of hints at his Essence: He’s thoughtful, he likes nature, he likes photography, he’s going somewhere on a train, he likes adventure(s), etc. The keywords are totally bursting off the page enough to select his profile for a closer look, and then…
The next one on the train: 8/10
Now we get yourself a glimpse of what Michael appears like. I’m getting down-to-Earth Calvin Harris vibes here. It’s sort of fun that one continues to be from the train, but with an increase of detail. It’s like an answer to the question the first photo posed. OK, nearly that poetic maybe, nonetheless it is got by you.
The main one with the pup: 9/10
Alright, pro tip: When you can include a pup, include a pup always. If you don’t hate pups, but, like, I was bitten in the true face by way of a dog when I was 8, and I really like pups still, so I have no idea how that is possible. This is a scientific fact that 89% of all human beings love pups. I don’t know if this is Michael’s dog or not – might be worth mentioning in the bio, if he does own a dog – though that doesn’t even really matter. It’s boring to say, I like dogs;” it’s sweet and engaging to actually be chilling with a dog. We’re also getting a trio of angles here. These pics do a nice and clear job of, saying, Hey, this is my face,” before…
The artsy one in the aquarium: 7/10
Ah, the silhouette. When correctly deployed, the silhouette speaks volumes to your artsiness, and usually an appreciation for nature etc., depending on what is in the background. This can be a gorgeous photo in which we can’t see Michael’s features at all, so it does more to communicate a brooding thoughtfulness or aesthetic sensibility. On its own, this might not do much in the context of a dating profile, but the way it gels with the rest of the photos makes it an excellent choice for fourth in the lineup.
The one with the YOU SHOULDN’T BE Mean” graffiti: 9/10
Was this whole thing just the shoot for an album cover? Should you be down-to-Earth Calvin Harris, this can be the art your first EP. But really, this is another clear glimpse at what Michael looks like, which doubles in communicating a sense of humor with a side of sincerity (the EP would be irreverent indie pop with folk sensibilities, obviously). If I had to suggest changes, I might even make this the first pic, but we’re doing so well either way, it barely matters.
The Bio
Bio score: 7/10
This gives a several ins for starting up a conversations. Netflix is so universal, it might be too basic on its own, but then it’s embedded in the quirky idea of building a fort. Also, booze. Michael isn’t giving us a lot of information about who he is, but his photos do such a good job of that, he doesn’t really need to get into much more detail. If we were gunning for the Online Dating Hall of Fame, we could flesh this out a bit. Still, when the collection of photos is as good as it is here, the bio becomes more of a quick final touch to seal the deal.
In Conclusion
There are definitely things even the average Tinder swiper can learn here. You don’t have to be artsy, or into photography, or a genius film director, or whatever is going on with Michael to understand from things that make his profile great. You might well live your complete life without getting that sort of gorgeous aquarium shot, and that is OK.
The real takeaway this is actually the way his pictures work to communicate a solid mixture of what he appears like, and the type of things he loves to do, but most of all: who he could be. Anyone will be able to look over four of five photos and obtain a sense of one’s personality, even minus the lines of bio to back it up. Both or three adjectives are you’d probably use to spell it out yourself should be an easy task to sniff from the lineup. If however you be gifted with cinematic sensibilities, well, then that is clearly a happy bonus.

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