Ways To Win Her Over, Starring Miss USA

Top 10 10 10: Ways To Win Her Over, Starring Miss USA
Miss USA’s Tips For Getting Your Dream Girl
You’ve sat hours in Virgin Megastore’s dating section, you’ve listened to Mystic Meg’s predictions, and you’ve even endured a visit to your wise great-aunt to ask her advice on how to win over your dream girl. Some people make it seem as difficult as winning the European lottery, but AskMen went straight to probably the most reliable sources: a woman who has become everyone’s Uptown Girl since she became Miss USA. With hoards of men vying for Rima Fakih ‘s attention, who better to turn to with regards to the dos and don’ts of attracting women? She’s beautiful, smart, self-assured, and – though she was eliminated – still showed us on WWE Tough Enough that she’s one tough cookie.
Well, the good news is you don’t need to have millions, go skydiving into the bushes or have a Ph.D. from Harvard to win over a woman, even if she is probably the most stunning on the planet. It’s more about being a good listener, a communicator and showing small signs of appreciation which have many meaning. Oh, and a confident Hollywood smile appears to go a whole lot farther than, “Are you aware I could do 100 push-ups in five seconds?” So when Tarek Hijazi discovers, being yourself and getting the guts to approach the main one you truly want are what essentially result in relationship bliss.

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