Ways Alexa Can Help Your Love Life

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Picture this: You get an Amazon Echo, unwrap it, wear it your kitchen counter and.. can’t figure out how to proceed with it. Sure, it has cool features, but how do something like Alexa assist you to together with your central concerns?
To become more specific, how do a va like Alexa allow you to get laid, or at the very least enhance your love life?
1. Use Dating Apps
Recently, eHarmony created an Alexa-specific feature, adding hands-free functionality to the favorite dating website. Once installed, this enables you to check all your account activity, meaning it is possible to hear about who’s accessed your profile, match the status of one’s inbox and so forth. You may also get Alexa to send potential matches to your phone.
While the notion of a hands-free method of accessing your dating app may seem just a little weird, it lets you concentrate elsewhere. Instead of getting lost in your phone, it is possible to keep track of your complicated, fruitful dating life while cleaning your apartment, working out or cooking dinner.
Alexa’s other skills when it comes to dating include “Daily Romantic Gesture,” a feature that, when enabled, lets Alexa give you tips on ways to impress your partner. We leave it up to you as to whether to disclose exactly how you got to be such a romantic
2. Never Be Late
Being late for a date is a great way to demonstrate that you don’t care, that you’re not boyfriend material or that you’ll end up being the father who forgets to pick up their child from soccer practice, leaving them crying alone in the rain. Clearly, it’s not a great impression to leave on someone you’re meeting for the first time.
That being said, it’s easy enough to be late, even for a date you care about. Maybe you’re so involved with your reflection in the mirror that you don’t notice the time passing, or you get occupied with tidying your apartment in case the date goes really well. By the time you get a chance to check the clock, you’re already unforgivably tardy.
With Alexa, you can avoid this completely. By setting reminders, you can make it so that she alerts you at the appropriate time, so that even if you’re in the bathroom, you won’t fail to notice that your departure time is approaching.
3. Allow Music to Help Set the Mood
Your date has accompanied you back at your apartment, things are going well and now, you want to put on some mood music. You have two options: Fumble around with your phone distractedly, or just tell Alexa to put on the appropriate playlist. Obviously, the latter is superior in every way.
First of all, you can hand the reins over to your date. Maybe your idea of mood music is a Sam Smith track, but they want to make out to something with a harder beat. Are you really going to object? Let them have what they want. Secondly, given that it’s hands-free, you can make last-minute adjustments without going anywhere (you know, in case your steamy sex playlist needs a hasty rethink on the way to the bedroom).
4. Narrate Recipes
On a separate occasion, you and your date made plans to visit dinner until you wanted to cook. Smart move.. aside from the fact that you do not learn how to cook anything. That’s where Alexa comes in.
With the Allrecipes skill, Alexa can show you through, well, all recipes. That is more advanced than having a laptop guide, due to the hands-off nature of the procedure. If you’re finding out about a recipe on a screen, you’re constantly dividing your attention, causing your sauce to burn while peeking to observe how many shallots need dicing.
Alexa eliminates that require to bounce around, and by enough time your date turns up, you will have a hot plate ready of something that’s actually edible. They will be impressed, and you also won’t have smeared grease around your outfit. Win-win.
5. Use Alexa as a Conversation Piece
You reached a spot where conversation isn’t exactly flowing. You appear to be hitting it off, but you’re stuck in a rut with regards to topics that haven’t been covered. Politics could possibly be risky, and you also don’t necessarily need to get into something similar to #MeToo or the many refugee crises playing out all over the world.. so what can you do? In the event you ask should they have siblings? Family pets? Short answer: no. There is nothing less sexy than mentioning relatives before the potential of clothes being shed.
But Alexa isn’t only useful, she’s also weird and fun. You as well as your date can ask her weird questions and observe how she responds. Moreover, it offers an opportunity to start a whole world of flirting using something that will always have something to say.
6. Order Food the Next Day
Things have gone well – so well that your date is curled up in your bed the morning after. The only problem? You’re a little hungover to make an elaborate breakfast with the Allrecipes skill, and all the brunch places around you are probably booked up. Waiting until the next historical epoch for a couple of overpriced eggs is not how you want to end a great first date , right?
So just tell Alexa to get some food sent to you. There are tons of options here. You can opt to read a menu from a specific restaurant, or just go the Grubhub and Seamless route if you’d like a wider selection. Whatever you choose, your date will leave your house feeling impressed (and with a full belly).
Sounds like the perfect date – so when’s another one?
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