Want Your Ex Back 5 Mistakes WHICH COULD Hurt Your Chances

One might say you’re a guy on a mission. That mission? To really get your ex back once and for all. Countless gentlemen before you’ve chosen this path, with many failing miserably because their actions and words did the contrary of enticing their ex into reuniting. Instead, they pushed them farther away.
But let’s have a step back. The initial thing you should consider are your intentions. Would you like your ex partner back because you’ve gained a brand new perspective, and you also feel confident you could form a stronger, healthier bond based on what you’ve learned about yourself or the relationship? Or do you want them back because you feel lonely, depressed or rejected, and you’re looking to fix those feelings? If it’s the latter, there’s a good chance that you’re trying to get back together in order to avoid the uncomfortable emotions that come with a breakup – and when it comes down to it, that’s not a good enough reason.
Once you’ve clarified your intentions, that’s when you formulate your plan. Remember that what, when and how you phrase things can all impact your ex’s reaction. If you craft a careless text or call at the wrong time, you may very well hurt your odds at getting a second chance.
According to Coach Lee , a relationship guru who helps people carry out this exact idea of getting an ex back, there’s an art to successfully getting the job done. Below, you’ll find some moves that you should definitely avoid making if you want your ex to swoon, and not run for the hills.
1. Don’t Jump the Gun
Figuring out the ideal timing to reach out to your ex will depend on a number of factors, like the nature of the breakup and the terms you left things on. Having said that, just be sure you are not reaching out too early.
Regardless of how badly you need your ex back, you need to use self-control,” says Lee. He’s got his clients follow a no contact rule ” as a starting place to getting their ex back, enforcing no calling, texting, DMing or emailing using them. Even social media marketing liking” and commenting are off the table. This enables one to reflect adequately on the partnership before having a knee-jerk reaction (as in, a full-on tantrum begging them to take you back), in order that once you do make contact, anything you say is from the place of authenticity.
Just how long you wait depends upon your role in the breakup. In the event that you were the main one who broke up together with your ex, Lee believes there is no reason to wait a thorough period of time before apologizing and asking when they’re absolve to talk. However, if your ex split up with you, the longer it is possible to stand avoiding contact, the higher.
Them missing you and reflecting on the nice times is so what can raise attraction again,” he explains. That may only happen in the event that you disappear in order to feel the consequences. They need to have the loss!”
2. Don’t Get Your friends and relations Involved
Sure, it might seem communicating with your ex’s sibling or perhaps a mutual friend will assist in your time and efforts, but that approach can in fact backfire in a bevy of ways.
In case you think they’re on ‘your side,’ you still have a great risk in confiding inside them about how exactly much you miss them, and the method that you would change or do anything to obtain them back,” explains Lee. The chance is that regardless of how clearly you tell your friend that he/she shouldn’t speak to your ex, this person usually takes it upon themselves to help. And people have a tendency to overestimate their capability to help or influence a predicament like this.”
The last thing you need is someone begging for another chance in your stead. Lee notes that not merely does this destroy the mystery you developed giving them space, but it addittionally could make it appear to be you were attempting to manipulate mutual loved ones for your benefit.
3. Don’t Drink and Text
As texting your ex is dicey territory already, adding a few vodka sodas into the mix certainly won’t help.
When enough alcohol hits our system, we tend to lose our filter,” says Lee. Meaning, alcohol gives you away – your ex will be able to easily smell the desperation by your sloppy grammar, pleading tone and overuse of punctuation. Plus, if you drunk text something regrettable, you’ll then be tasked with sending another message to apologize when you wake up the next morning hungover and humiliated. Not a good look.
At this point, your goal is to be the best possible version of yourself. You simply can’t do that with an excessive amount of booze in your system.
4. Don’t Get Aggressive With Your Actions
Contrary to what you’ve seen in movies and reality TV shows, grand gestures that involve chasing after the person you love to get them back in your life are not the way to go. No boomboxes allowed, thank you very much.
As a man, you have been programmed from a young age to think that if you pour out your heart, and repeatedly send messages of your love and/or gifts, that they will realize you truly love them and enthusiastically agree to take you back,” says Lee. You think if you can just be romantic and clever enough, they’ll change their mind and heart. Sadly, too many guys have fallen for this idea and pushed their ex even further away.”
The bottom line is this: You shouldn’t fight for someone that doesn’t want to be fought for.
5. Don’t Ignore Their Feelings
Relationships are a two-way street. Regardless of how desperately you want your ex back, it’s crucial that you listen to what they want and need, too. If they’re sending you clear signals that they have no interest in talking, you need to respect that by backing off. Based on what you hear, it might just be that even more time and space from the breakup is required to think things over. If you are respectful and follow boundaries set, you’re a lot more more likely to have any potential for getting back together.
Take note: This is simply not about convincing your ex partner to get back as well as you. You can’t talk someone into feeling a specific way should they don’t desire to. Rather, that is your chance to provide them with enough room to miss you, and allow them to come quickly to their own conclusion your relationship will probably be worth revisiting. So long as you avoid these common missteps, you will be one inch nearer to rekindling things together with your ex. Mission accomplished.

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