Vanilla Ice Cream

It’s time for dessert. The waiter brings over a tray of treats which could make Augustus Gloop drop a batch in his lederhosen. Your date orders a slice of decadence so you tell the waiter: I’ll just have a scoop of vanilla ice cream.” Good plan. You have that dominoes tournament with all of those other boys at the retirement home each morning and you don’t desire to be up forever with a sugar rush Afterward you continue your story about not having the ability to locate a good couple of socks. Wake your date up – she’ll desire to hear this whole story.
What she will think about you: You. Are. Boring. You do not take risks and you also don’t benefit from the finer things in life. She sees a relationship – and perhaps sex life – which will be just as boring because the scoop of vanilla melting in the tiny cup.

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