Unexpected Things Men Hide From Their Girlfriends (84c0f39)

Unexpected Things Men Hide From Their Girlfriends
17 Men Reveal The Surprising Things They’re Hiding From Their Girlfriends
All good relationships are based on honesty. But most relationships that last add a little deceit also. If not lies outright, at the very least the careful omission of certain truths then. This is as basic as closing the entranceway when you’re likely to the toilet, or as elaborate as roping twelve friends into lying to your spouse to hide for regardless of the hell transpired at the final bachelor party you’re at The simple truth is, our unfiltered selves are sort of gross, and knowing every dark, dirty secret about your spouse is neither healthy nor necessary. Of course, where you draw the lines differs for each couple exactly.
But, as these 17 guys who exposed to the secret-sharing app Whisper reveal, sometimes keeping things secret can far go too. Sometimes it’s something you ought to have admitted right when it just happened which has since become too awkward to admit without it resulting in an enormous fight Sometimes it’s a thing that never must have happened. Sometimes it is a thing that you ought to just admit and confront head-on. It definitely is better for the partner to hear it from you than from someone else. Assuming you have any secrets of one’s you’ve been keeping, maybe this list will inspire you to truly have a frank discussion truly. Or… maybe it’ll make you feel far more secretive. Who knows.
The Secret Marriage
The Secret Gigolo
The Secret Heartbreak
The Secret Stalking
The Secret Emotions
The Secret Threesome
The Secret Marijuana
The Secret Riches

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