Understanding Needy Women

Attachment style 3
The distant girlfriend: Low fear of being abandoned + high avoidance of closeness
This woman is self-reliant and indifferent to intimacy. She’s not afraid you’ll desert her because she doesn’t plan on being all that close to you in the first place. A woman with a distant attachment style is a woman you might like to hook up with , but don’t try to get involved with her or you may wind up feeling used. The distant woman has a high opinion of herself and doesn’t value what others consider her. Respecting you shall not be on top of her set of priorities. One good sign a woman includes a distant attachment style is that she doesn’t appear to have close friends
Attachment style 4
The scared girlfriend: High concern with being abandoned + high avoidance of closeness
This woman fears rejection and is uncomfortable disclosing her thoughts and feelings also. Though down she wants an emotionally close relationship deep, she actually is distrustful of other folks and worries she’ll be hurt if she lets herself trust you. These women are generally shy, although lurking underneath that bashful exterior will be a lot of suspicion that could easily result in intense jealousy Should you be dating a female who fits this attachment profile and you also want to keep carefully the relationship going, you have to know that it will require a lot of effort and quite a while to essentially gain her trust. Just like the needy girlfriend, you can also need to create boundaries in order to avoid feeling suffocated by your relationship.
decode her issues
Psychological issues are in the heart of several odd behaviors in relationships, which is precisely why you should understand the psychology of needy women. When you have an improved knowledge of the type of bonds your girlfriend has been the capability of forming with somebody due to her attachment style, you’ll know what’s really driving her behavior. In the event that you realize you’re dating a needy woman, the bad news is that the issues” in your relationship tend to be more a product of what’s happening in her head than the truth is. Fortunately that at this point you have the psychological tools to start out coping with her effectively.

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