Top Seven Fictional Characters That SHOW YOU THE MOST EFFECTIVE Seduction Skills

Reading fiction is comparable to living in an ideal world. There are many things that you’ll be able to study from fiction books rather than non-fiction/self-help books as the examples in fictions are simpler to emulate. This article will show you seven fictional characters who have taught the world the best seduction skills.
No. 1: Joe in Meet Joe Black
Joe Black is the young man in the restaurant who successfully seduces Susan, a billionaire’s daughter who was simply in a relationship with another person. The lesson out of this film is Joe Black may be the most mysterious and stimulating person that Susan has ever met in her life. When someone is interesting enough, he becomes sexy in hot girls’ eyes
No. 2: Alex Wyler in The Lake House
The story in The Lake House doesn’t make sense as far as logic is concerned. However, it shows you the fact that attractive women are good at imagining romantic things that can happen to them. What you can learn from this story is Alex knows how to communicate with a hot girl with written words. Therefore, if you need to surprise your sexy girlfriend, you may write a love letter to her with a pen. Don’t forget to spray some perfume on the paper! Because most men don’t do this anymore, this gesture looks incredibly loving in modern-day society.
No. 3: Thomas Leroy in Black Swan
As a psychological horror story, Black Swan is considered to be the most outstanding masterpiece in this genre. In this narrative story, Thomas Leroy seduces Nina with two things: 1) his power in Nina’s industry; 2) his physical touch while dancing with Nina passionately. Nina wants to impress Thomas because she wants to become successful in her career. Therefore, she wears red lipstick while negotiating with Thomas. When Thomas is dancing with Nina, he literally rubs Nina’s breasts with passion; therefore, Nina is adequately seduced by Thomas.
There are many things that you can learn from fiction books rather than non-fiction/self-help books because the examples in fictions are easier to emulate.
No. 4: Johannes Vermeer in Girl with a Pearl Earring
Another classic novel which teaches us how to seduce a young woman In this novel, Johannes Vermeer works closely with Griet, a servant in his house. When a man and a woman are working in the same room alone, the spark is ignited quickly. In case you are into dating younger women , you will need to use this strategy – isolating the mark girl!
No. 5: Dr. William Bill” Harford in Eyes Wide Shut
This story is most beneficial seen as a its orgy scene. Likely to a sex party may be the simplest way to relax and obtain hot girls which are already naked anyway. Subsequently, it’s time to search where an orgy could possibly be joined by you in where you live. Remember: beautiful women at the sex party already are converted; therefore, all you have to to do would be to arrive with five condoms (or fifty condoms if your cock is too much).
No. 6: Ashley Wilkes in Gone with the Wind
Ashley understands female psychology perfectly. Of chasing Scarlett Instead, he has their own life: hobbies, ambitions, etc. Each day While other men around are pursuing Scarlett, Ashley may be the only guy who doesn’t even focus on Scarlett, making this hot lady interested in him. That is why Scarlett wants Ashley! Basically, whenever a guy lives an excellent life, sexy ladies desire to be a right section of his life.
No. 7: Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey
In this best-selling novel, Christian may be the billionaire who seduces the young intern Anastasia. He demonstrates the qualities of a genuine alpha guy: confidence, dominance, power and fearlessness. You probably have to take notes while scanning this novel because Christian has some excellent tricks in the bed room as well.

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