Top 10 10 First Date Mistakes (f3f94e2)

3. Being Indecisive
Compare both of these openers: “Hey, we must grab a coffee some time” vs. “Hey, can you possibly desire to grab coffee with me, or maybe dinner? We could even see a movie.”
In the initial, you’re basically asking her on a romantic date, albeit phrased in a manner that makes it look like a foregone conclusion. That is good, since it projects confidence, also it gives her only 1 1 thing to wonder: Do I or do I not need to date he?
The second question, alternatively, not merely puts her in the positioning of wondering whether she wants to embark on a date with you, but forces her to take into account the venue, too. That is bad: Now you’re burdening her with irrelevant extras and, worse, making yourself look indecisive. Adhere to one point. If she’d rather do dinner than coffee, she’ll inform you.

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