Top 10 10 10 Movies That Every Seducer Must Watch

Hot women enjoy chick flicks. They romanticize what they see in real life as well. Therefore, you should use this to your advantage and imitate attractive men in those Hollywood movies. In this way, your sexy girl will be sufficiently seduced by you. Here is a list of top 10 10 10 movies that you must see if your goal is to become the world’s best seducer.
No. 1: Sweet November (2001)
Although this can be a sad film, Keanu Reeves’s character knows how to make the dating experience sexy, i.e. posting November calendars all over the hot girl’s apartment walls, soaking in chocolate in the bath, etc. Obviously, you can learn one thing or two from Keanu in this sensuous movie.
No. 2: Basic Instinct (1992)
This is Sharon Stone’s most famous movie in which she was sitting on a chair, crossing her legs slowly (probably without her underwear). It doesn’t mean you should imitate Sharon Stone’s movements in this film, but you could figure out how to sexualize the dynamics: sitting face to face with your hot woman in the bedroom (you may use chairs like what you see in Basic Instinct) creates a slightly confrontational feel which arouses your sexy girlfriend’s desire. Don’t forget that all lap dances require a chair as well!
No. 3: Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)
Even though this film is not about a sexy lady (it’s in regards to a desperate single woman who would like to find love), it is possible to still learn a whole lot about female psychology as a result since it honestly displays single women’s mentality at length. You shall know very well what worries women, what motivates women and why is women happy.
No. 4: Endless Love (2014)
Though this movie is two teenagers in a higher school about, you are showed because of it how beautiful girls think Hence, if you want up to now younger women , you need to watch this film and learn something about young ladies’ mindset.
No. 5: The Reader (2008)
You have to start to see the Reader so that you can date a cougar ! In this film, the 15-year-old boy Michael carries a sexual relationship with a 36-year-old cougar Hanna. The older woman seduces younger boy because she actually is the dominant role of their relationship actually. In the case that’s your fantasy, you would be well-advised to see this film and understand how cougars operate – they don’t really really need to admit their shortcomings the same as Hanna doesn’t need to admit that she happens to be illiterate and would like to visit jail.
No. 6: Revolutionary Road (2008)
This film demonstrates the psychology of a lady whose dreams are yet ahead true. Actually, just about any hot lady has fantasies and dreams that haven’t turn into a reality yet. Consequently, you could have a look at this movie and understand how attractive women operate in relationships should they need to make things happen.
No. 7: A Walk in the Clouds (1995)
Another Keanu Reeves’ movie. It is the classic romantic film which ultimately shows you family members dynamics of a standard family ultimately. If your plan is always to marry a Russian woman or even a Greek woman who hails from an even more traditional background, afterward you should watch this film totally. Become familiar with how exactly to effectively hook up to your hot girlfriend’s parents and also other family members.
No. 8: All Roads Bring about Rome (2015)
In this film, you can view how older women think if they’re of their 40s or 50s already. Therefore, if your blueprint is always to get a cougar or perhaps a sugar momma perhaps , you must see this film and acquire the proper ideas and inspiration as a complete result. Sarah Jessica Parker demonstrates how older women operate in love and in life.
No. 9: Total Eclipse (1995)
Leo DiCaprio made this film when he was only 21 yrs . old – at the prime of his visual appearance. This is often a perfect film for approximately any gay just, curious or bisexual man to relish. Seduction comes into play all shapes and forms, so gay dating can be quite important in this point in time. This film is most beneficial seen as a the sensuous relationship between a mature man and a younger pretty boy. In the event that’s your thing, don’t lose out on this gem.
No. 10: MY VERY OWN Private Idaho (1991)
Actually, in Item No. 9 of the list (Total Eclipse), I forgot to say that River Phoenix was considered for Leo DiCaprio’s role for the reason that film. The young and sexy hottie River Phoenix played the best role in my Private Idaho. In this movie, River Phoenix’s character is really a child of his mother and his brother (very exciting!) For anyone who is thinking about incest, bisexual relationships and gay dating, MY VERY OWN Private Idaho ought to be your No. 1 movie instead of No. 10!

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