Top 10 10 10 First Date Mistakes (5455f7c)

6. Making Crude Jokes
We love crude jokes, and so do many women: Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman make more men blush than erectile dysfunction. But the first date is for getting a feel for the other person’s sensibilities, discovering what they like and don’t like and how much of you have in common.
The right way to do this is to begin slowly, making light jokes and getting a sense for her character. Eventually you’ll know if she’s the right audience for your latest joke about Catholic priests. The wrong way to figure this out is always to begin with the joke and test her reaction. Best-case scenario? You have lucky and obtain fun out of her. Worst-case scenario? You offend her by mocking something she holds dear, and end up receiving a slap to the facial skin and an obvious seat across from you in the restaurant.

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