Tips For Speed Dating

So you’ve finally accepted that beautiful, interesting women will not approach you at the supermarket. Or maybe you want to be as efficient as possible in your search for the right one. Perhaps you’ve been out from the dating game for a while and need a kickstart to get you back in the game.
For all of the reasons, speed dating may be the answer. By thinking slightly about your strategy, you’re already prior to the game, because I could tell you gents in the marketplace – from experience – that should you know very well what you’re doing, those other guys, well, they’re nearly stiff competition.
The primary problem with speed dating is that young, beautiful women go there just because a) men don’t possess the balls to approach them in a standard social setting and b) because it is a fun night out making use of their girlfriends.
This is not the case for the guys sitting opposite them. Eligible men don’t round up their buddies on a Saturday night for a few beers and two hours of speed dating just for fun. The guys on your left and right will generally be unattractive, dull, socially awkward, or live with their mother. Now, us ladies are not shallow; one of these traits might not be a deal breaker, but you’ll stand out from the crowd if you don’t have too many of them.
What you need to know is that this is prime hunting ground for the savvy player. Girls speed date to find a guy who’s interesting, confident and charming. We just don’t understand that these forms of men won’t need to be at speed dating, therefore this is normally the final place you will discover one. When you can pull off a number of the advice here, you’re already on the winner’s podium. Based on extensive field research, here’s my top 10 approaches for speed dating.

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