Things Your Girlfriend Probably Doesnt VALUE

While a lot of guys think getting a girlfriend will be the end of all their worries, entering a relationship brings its own special sorts of anxieties. You’re no longer necessarily focused on your appeal to women in general, but rather to this one particular woman who you look after very, quite definitely, and who gets the freedom to leave you anytime, for just about any reason. Phew!
Every man has their own unique relationship anxieties, but certain themes have a tendency to occur, usually around body image, financial security and masculinity. The good thing is, overall, women are much less hung up on these exact things than you imagine them to be, as well as your girlfriend probably isn’t as critical as you imagine she is.
So, listed below are 10 things you almost certainly think your girlfriend cares about, that she really doesn’t:
1. Your rock-hard abs (or lack thereof)
Body image issues are tough, and while women’s struggles in this area are well publicized, men are not immune to them, either. Mainstream media presents the perfect man as tall, muscular and broad, and a chiseled six pack has become synonymous with an ideal masculine form.
But in the same way that, deep down, you don’t actually care if your girlfriend doesn’t have a breathtakingly gorgeous ass, she’s highly unlikely to be spending any mental energy wishing you had a harder stomach. For most people this stuff is bonus territory, and to others it’s not even desirable – human attraction is a beautifully varied thing – so you can rest assured that your soft belly is not keeping your girlfriend up at night.
2. The size of your penis
Of course, penis size anxiety is another body image issue, but this one is an especially intimate, all-consuming concern. It makes sense: porn in particular reinforces the idea that unless you are hung such as a horse, you’re not likely to have the ability to satisfy a woman.
While penis size is essential for some women (who self-identify as size queens), if your penis size was a dealbreaker for the girlfriend, you wouldn’t be together. It truly is that simple.
3. Just how many women you’ve slept with
Someone’s body count” is really a touchy subject. Often, women are anticipated to minimize theirs to avoid being regarded as ‘slutty’, and men sometimes face the contrary pressure to exaggerate their count, particularly if they are not so experienced in the bed room.
Long story short – it’s in past times, and it doesn’t concern her, so we’re pretty sure she’s not worried about anyone who came before her.
4. How much money you earn
Money is a difficult topic, because, to put it frankly, it matters. In a late capitalist society, we all need it to survive, and when there’s not enough of it to go around, that causes real tension.
But the idea that you need to be a millionaire, or even close to it, to keep your girlfriend interested is nonsense. Most people aren’t rich, but they still manage to have happy, long-lasting relationships. Assuming you’ve chosen someone who isn’t shallow, and as long as you’re not mooching off her, your girlfriend is unlikely to be bothered by a humble income.
5. How you drive
Competence with cars is closely linked with traditional masculinity – there are decades worth of movies and TV shows reinforcing this idea. But especially if you’re a millennial, there’s a good chance you’re clueless when it comes to cars, and perhaps don’t know how to operate one at all.
While it’s always nice to have someone who can drop you at the airport when you need it, most cities have enough public transport to get around and, if they don’t, your girlfriend has access to the same ride sharing apps we all do. There’s no need to sweat this one.
6. Your premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction
Coming too fast, or not being able to get it up, is a source of major anxiety for lots of men, and when you’re bringing these issues into a relationship, it can cause you to feel huge amounts of shame that are a barrier to connection.
7. Your preferred drink
We can’t believe we still need to say this in 2018, if a preferred drink is really a cosmopolitan or gin basil smash instead of, say, beer or whiskey on the rocks, you’re (a) still a genuine Man, and (b) your girlfriend couldn’t care less. Truly.
8. Your parents’ insufficient chill
At a particular point you’ll be attempting to introduce your girlfriend to your parents, and it’s likely that are going to very… well, parental once you do. That probably means cringeworthy dad jokes as well as your mom rushing to seek out embarrassing photos, as well as your siblings could even provide bonus humiliation.
Relax: even though that is torturous for you personally, your girlfriend is most likely finding it a variety of hilarious and heartwarming, so make an effort to lean in to the crushing embarrassment of introducing your girlfriend to your folks.
9. The point that you cry sometimes
Emotional vulnerability is problematic for men. Men are socialized to trust that crying is weak then one only girls do, so men often feel ashamed by the normal, natural impulse to weep when things are sad or frustrating.
The good thing is, nearly all women aren’t bothered by men crying, plus some even discover the display of vulnerability endearing. If your girlfriend isn’t accepting of the point that you’re not manufactured from stone, she’s most likely not the right one for you personally – but our money’s on her behalf really, really not caring relating to this one.
10. Your nervous tics or social anxiety
Do you stammer once you get nervous, twitch your leg or turn scarlet at the drop of a hat? Can you hem to the walls at parties and are generally quiet in group situations? And can you feel like way less of a man when you do? Well, you’re not alone.

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