Things You Only Know If Your Best Friend Is A Girl

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There are specific things a man can only know if he’s had a lady be sure he understands everything. And we mean everything. From details you didn’t know were discernible with the attention when she finds Mr. To tears taken from places you didn’t know had tear ducts when she’s at her lowest of lows, they’re the surprisingly wonderful things you find out regarding the opposite sex if you’ve ever had a lady companion.
1. Being Spontaneous Isn’t Always Endearing
Your BFF will let you know rapidly that women don’t believe its louche or charming to text at 7pm saying ‘wanna take action tonight?’ What undergoes a woman’s mind is merely, ‘if you like me that much, you would have made plans before now’. This is intuition pure and simple. We texted this late because somebody else blew us out. Women know this. Don’t think they’re going to be flattered.
2. Crying IS IN FACT Useful Sometimes
3. Being A Man With Male Friends Is So, So Simple
This is compared to the travails of a female friendship group, the dynamics and complexities of which are more complicated compared to the CENTURY War, and about as easily resolvable sometimes. Men need not cope with this. Be grateful. Be very, very grateful.
4. Women CAN TAKE Their Alcohol JUST ALONG WITH You -​ OR EVEN Better
I cannot usually drink that much through the week,” says your BFF as she drains the final of her fish bowl sized glass of wine and lurches off to the bar to order another. Never underestimate just how much a bad trip to work can propel women into an evening of drinking enough booze to sink the QE2. Binge drinking isn’t a purely male indulgence. Women take action too. They just take action better. Plus they don’t complain just as much about hangovers.
5. Practical Advice In AN EMERGENCY IS APPROXIMATELY As Useful As Chopsticks In A Soup Bowl
We’ve all experienced over-heated pub rows where in fact the resident Ban Ki-moon will advise that people relax. It sometimes even works, albeit usually briefly. But having a lady best friend will educate you on that saying ‘calm down’ to a female having an emergency is comparable to pouring petrol over a chip fire. As is giving practical advice. There’s only 1 1 thing for men to accomplish in situations such as this. And it’s a hard one for many folks. It’s called ‘listening’. Check it out sometime.
6. Women Can Multi-Task WITH TECHNIQUES Men Find Inconceivable Genuinely
7. Going As A PAL Has Consequences AWOL
Performing a JD Salinger and staying off the scene for a long period may not bother your male friends a lot of. Simply because men don’t possess a tendency to text each other saying ‘I miss you’. Doesn’t mean they don’t really really though. Plus your BFF will say things like this to you in the event that you vanish for some time. It doesn’t cause you to enigmatic or daringly mysterious. It certainly makes you a shit friend
8. YOU’LL GET Weirdly Protective And Irritable When She Finds Mr. Right
“You have to meet my companion, you two would really can get on.” This is exactly what many women say being an intro to getting their new squeeze and their finest male mate together. Sadly its naïve. Up to we realize our BFF is platonic, we do get weirdly paternal if they get a boyfriend. Could it be because we’re secretly deeply in love with our BFF? Well, sometimes. But it’s much more likely that we simply understand that the time we get to spend with our female mate is about to rapidly diminish. Childish? Selfish? Yep, all the above. And we’re sorry. But we probably still think he’s “not right for you”.
9. The Aging Process Is So Much Damn Easier For A Man

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