Things That Attract Her

Gray hair
In a society that sends out messages of youthfulness being attractive consistently, it’s common for men to take into account coloring their gray hair back again to what it had been before. But gray hair is not any reserved for the grandpa; on a younger guy it could ooze sexiness. An example is 47-year-old actor John Slattery, whose gray makes him look charming, suave and experienced. If you want further proof that silver may be the new black, a survey by discovered that an impressive 72% of women think gray hair is hot.
Who have thought geek will be chic? According to tests by the University of Stockholm, women tend to be more drawn to men who wear glasses than those that don’t. You don’t need to be considered a rocket scientist to determine why – they appear intelligent. And, in case a man is intelligent, this means he’ll probably mentally stimulate his woman. A lot of women will tell you there is nothing that can compare with a witty, smart conversation to impress them.

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