Things New Girlfriends Lie About

It’s an undeniable fact: Female or male, many people dabble in the creative art of lying in relation to new relationships. We because do that, you like someone once, it is advisable to impress them so they stick around. Additionally it is a sad undeniable fact that women are guiltier of the than men. Are women more insecure? Are men more honest? Who knows? This is simply not a psychology lesson. The point is that guys should notice the things new girlfriends lie about. We’re here to work with you filter out those little white lies and exaggerations women are prone to telling so that you don’t fall into the trap of basing all your growing feelings on the fake stuff. Here are some of the bigger things new girlfriends lie about to watch out for.
“I’ve been with…”
Let’s just put it out there: Women lie about their number.” Not all women, but many. It has a lot to do with when and how the topic is broached and also, inevitably, by the number of partners you admit to having had. Think of this as the other side of our 7-11 rule” coin (which we established for you in our article Revealing Your Past ). If you’ve only had two serious relationships your entire life, she might feel embarrassed by her larger number and subtract a few. Nailed a lot of girls? If she’s only had one partner and thinks you might deem her inexperienced, she could up the number. This really just boils down to her personal insecurities, making this a favorite among the hings new girlfriends lie about.
How to deal: We all know you can’t force a woman to feel comfortable with herself. The only things you can do is either delay the inevitable conversation or treat it in an informal, respectful way so nobody gets their feelings hurt or gets competitive. All the best with that.
“I’m a die-hard (insert sports team here) fan”
Since having common interests” really helps to validate why we’re with a particular person, many people are guilty of feigning enthusiasm for topics that seem vital that you our new partner – like being truly a hardcore fan of a particular team. Be it sports, favorite hobbies or movies, be skeptical of the girl that are your extracurricular twin.” This won’t imply that your girlfriend doesn’t enjoy watching the casual Yankees game, nevertheless it does imply claiming baseball as her cause of living may be a little fib.
How to deal: It is not a deal-breaker if you realise out your partner has been going slightly overboard in the exaggeration department, nevertheless, you need to notice this tendency instead of decide you’re in love because of how much you have in common in the original month. Remember to explore the normal things new girlfriends lie about and what your brand-new girl is actually passionate about.

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