The True Gems Of The Adriatic

By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure”
Croatia is a country where you can find many East European blondes and also brunettes. Women in Croatia have a Mediterranean complexion, i.e. light olive skin (natural tan). Croatia women are best characterized by their long necks – very graceful and elegant – this accentuates their shapely bodies. Walking down the road in Zagreb , you will see women who can easily become models in the United States or the United Kingdom, because they are truly stunning. I’m just wondering why women in Croatia don’t need to worry about obesity.
Physical features of Croatian girls: tall and thin – that’s the first impression. If you look at them closely, you can see the love light in their brown eyes, very soft, feminine and loving. Although Croatian women generally have smaller breasts, their asses are round and attractive.
Croatian women’s attitude towards dating: This may surprise you – in fact, at least 70% of Croatian ladies are happy to see other men even though they already have boyfriends. This is simply not since they don’t love their boyfriends – that it is since they love themselves more! So that they are very open-minded and revel in male attention. Therefore, if you’re after a more available Croatian lady, you’d be well-advised to ask if she’s a boyfriend or not in early stages. Otherwise, you may spend money on her for most days and wouldn’t know she actually is not necessarily available. But if you’re into multiple relationships, then maybe they’re your type.
Younger Croatian girls tend to be more easy-going than older Croatian girls. For anyone who is gaming in Croatia, it is advisable to remember that the very best Croatian girls are often between 18 and 24 years, not because they’re physically younger and much more attractive, but because they’re more easy-going than older Croatian women. Actually, that is understandable: older Croatian women (over 24 yrs . old) are already searching for rich men to marry them. Basically, women who are older than 24 years old are searching for stable marriages with wealthy men. If you happen to be a rich man, go for it. In case you are still looking for casual relationships , look for younger Croatian ladies who won’t let you down! Indeed, younger ladies in Croatia are more happy to enjoy one-night-stands and casual relationships, especially with Western men.
Women in Croatia like to be approached any time. That’s because they love attention from men! Well, that doesn’t mean you should give them endless attention though, because you also need to make them invest in you!
Western men generally have better competitive edge. By that I mean if you are from a Western country like the United Kingdom or the United States, you will have a good time in Croatia, because Croatian women are curious about Western countries (not because they don’t like Croatian men). Because of this, most Croatia beauties are happy to speak in English with you – they started to learn English since a very young age, so nearly all of them can speak fairly good English (and they are glad to practice English with you). Also, when you find Croatia ladies exotic, they also find you exotic; hence, this is mutual attraction , and you should be more confident!
Top 10 10 most beautiful Croatian women
Croatian beauties wish to be approached both during the day and during the night. Yes, you read that right – ladies in Croatia prefer to be approached any moment. That’s since they love attention from men! Well, it doesn’t mean you should provide them with endless attention though, as you also need to make sure they are invest in you! The very best attitude you ought to have is: be warm first, and let her donate to the conversation with you. Avoid women who provide you with the bitch face, because regardless of they’re 10s or not, reactions from their website are usually bad. It is possible to still find 10s who don’t wear the freaking bitch face in Croatia.
Take her out of her friendship group fast. Exactly like girls in nearly every country, Croatian women always day their friends. So it’s quite typical to see two girls walking together in the pub as well. In this case, it is possible to still approach them, and decide which is hotter, and tell her that she actually is hot (as the ugly one already knows she actually is not as hot because the other girl anyway) and have for the hotter girl’s contact number while suggesting that you ought to venture out for a coffee with her the very next day. Therefore, on the very next day, you will have the chance to meet her without her friend(s). When she is alone with you, you are more likely to get the result that you would like.
Game with another dude simultaneously. Like I mentioned earlier, women in Croatia like to go out with their friends and it’s common to see two women walking down the road simultaneously. Therefore, in this instance, you can bring a guy to do day game with you! Both of you approach two girls simultaneously and you must be well-calibrated to get both girls. Cooperation is the key.
Plan logistics early. Regardless of you do day game or night game, you need to learn how to plan logistics early. I want to explain. Suppose you have met a woman in a nightclub, you need to ask these questions within the initial 20 minutes of one’s conversation with her: Where can you live?” That are you here with?” – As you will either have sexual intercourse with her at your house or at her place tonight! Assuming you have assessed the problem and decided that sex with her tomorrow is most likely better, then be sure to say, Let’s have coffee together tomorrow.” Remember, the main element you need to plan is to ensure that your apartment is not too much from the nightclub or the restaurant, because in the event that you live several kilometers from the nightclub or the restaurant, the game has already been over.

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