THE real solution to HANDLE Her Breasts

THE real solution to HANDLE Her Breasts
Pay Attention: THAT IS A PROVEN WAY She Wants SOMEONE TO Touch Her
Every man can appreciate the allure of breasts. Sure, some social folks are ass guys or leg guys. But, truthfully, on some known level, we think every guy is really a boob guy really. We battle to take our eyes off them. And, as foreplay escalates, our hands maneuver around within their direction unfailingly, too.
Yes, many people enjoy handling them. But while we’re doing what comes so naturally, the result will be forgot by us our touch is wearing our partners. Breasts are sensitive. Though they might reduce some individuals to a child-like state, we can not handle them as a kid would.
Hitting the correct spots isn’t a precise science – women’s tastes will always vary – nonetheless it does take some nuance and practice. It’s well worth it, though, since the breasts are one of the main places women want to touched when things get hot and heavy. Here are 10 techniques to bear in mind if you’re looking for inspiration.
If you really want to master her other “moan zones,” you should check out our guides to understanding the clitoris and finding the G-spot next.

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