The Pros And Cons Of Dating A Fisherman

Who doesn’t as being a hunk of a guy who knows how to fish and bring food to the table? I know I do! Just imagine those masculine arms throwing the bait at the water and catching a fish while he’s soaking wet! Caught you drooling right? While you’re drooling how about you come back to earth and think about how great and how bad it can be if you start dating a fisherman? Like any other person who’s set out to date someone, you’d want to measure up whether or not you can date a fisherman and spend most of your days out by the water?
The pros of dating a fisherman:
Here are the pros indulging in with a fisherman:
THE TAN! Being a fisherman means he always has this beautiful bronzy tan that you’re always going to love (and envy)!
His hands will be rugged from catching fish all his life! Which means you get to feel and look at those muscles regularly!
Because he’s a fisherman, his attention and his time would be directed at catching fish and thinking about bait and not be spent chasing women!
He’ll always give you food and of various delicacies related to seafood! You’ll never sleep starving!
Did the tan is mentioned by me?
Is outdoorsy this means he will be ready to take you out always!
Imagine all of the romantic sunrises and sunsets that both of you can catch (pun intended)! With a fisherman, evening or morning by the water a good romantic! (Sigh!)
He’s a morning person, this implies he’ll be too tired at night or during the night to venture out and do naughty or bad things!
You will need to teach you how exactly to fish always!
You will be surrounded by optimism! Being patient about life things!
How great and how lousy can be it in the event that you start dating a fisherman? Like any person who’s attempt to date someone, you’d desire to measure up whether it is possible to date a fisherman and spend the majority of your days out by the water?
The cons of dating a fisherman:
Like any aspect includes a pro side, you will find a con side also! This means dating a fisherman has cons too! Here are some!
Since he’s a morning person, he’d wake you up SUPER early! A bummer if you’re NOT a morning person
He won’t be much interested in going out at night, mainly because he has to wake up at sunrise to catch all the fish.
He’ll probably be stinking fish at all times! But don’t worry, you’ll get used to it!
The major topics at dinner time would be fish fish and fish. (WTF, what the fish)
You may hear Lots of fishing metaphors which may drive you crazy.
If you are not a big fan of seafood then this might be a problem.
He may choose fish over you!
You’d have to give him everything related to fishing!
He probably wouldn’t think twice before buying something super expensive related to his passion and would think twice before treating you out to a nice dinner!
Regardless of the pros and the cons, all that matters is whether or not you ‘click’ with the guy! If you do, then throw caution to the wind and enjoy the fishy love!

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