The Matchmaking Disaster By Mike Rafferty

3. The Matchmaking Disaster by Mike Rafferty
I was raised in Worcester, Massachusetts, lived and visited school in Boulder, Colorado, and moved to Idaho in 1994 to possess a job at a video-production company. I was hip, good-looking and had an excellent job financially. Was a little lonely, because so many of the girls in your community were married, dating or had a significant level of baggage or kids.
So a pal set me through to a blind date with a woman in Jerome, Idaho. She explained she was very pretty and sweet but had had some unfortunate past incidents.
I drove out to the girl’s farm in my own huge 1993 Isuzu Trooper, and then be introduced to a woman in a wheelchair who was simply missing teeth but who will need to have been very pretty before a horrific motor vehicle accident.
As an East Coast gentleman, I was deeply apologetic and informed her and her family that her wheelchair wouldn’t normally easily match my car. (The 1993 Trooper was the original year of Isuzu’s new super-size SUV) All of them looked out the window to my big red SUV and looked back at me when i politely walked out the entranceway.
I felt very bad regarding the situation, when I returned to my matchmaker however, I almost killed her for sending me out to her farm without giving me the complete details. She explained that beauty is skin deep.”
Maybe. But surviving in Twin Falls, Idaho for 40 years will make you see beauty differently from the standard Masshole completely.

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