The Girl Who Just Couldnt Hold It By Anonymous

6. THE LADY Who Just Couldn’t Hold It by Anonymous
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Worst. Dating. Experience. Ever.
I’ve told lots of people this story, even though I tend to think it is funny rather, not just a single person I’ve told will come up with a far more ridiculous and awful experience.
We were each around 18-19 years young. I have been kicked out of the house and was coping with a high-school buddy in just a little apartment. He worked at an area arcade, and that is where I met her.
She lived in regards to a half hour away and was around with a friend to accomplish some shopping and whatnot. We begun to hang out and, needless to say, fell madly deeply in love with each other’s naughty bits. A couple of months later, my roommate made a decision to move home back, leaving me with hardly any options. Therefore the gf and I talked to her mom about me getting into their house. For some good reason, she was okay with it.
Frankly, I’m shocked that girl didn’t have a baby. Seriously. You are going to let an 18-year-old boy transfer to your home while he’s dating your daughter and you also work all day? I have to be sterile. Obviously, things were going fine until…
Afternoon One, we were bumping uglies, and I smelled something foul. Uncertain what it had been quite, She was asked by me if she could smell it, too.
Back again to the pogo stick. After finishing, she rolled off, and I started to get up. Until I saw it. A mess of brown funk on my apple bag.
What. The. Fck. You fcking sht on me?”
No, I didn’t.”
Maybe you sht on yourself.”
(Anger rising, nausea increasing.)
My asshole is on the other side of my body.”
(Hurling is imminent, running to the bathroom.)
After showering for about a week, I called a buddy of mine who lived in the area with his mom during the summer and asked if I could crash at his place. He was more than understanding. A few days passed with zero contact between the two of us – she would call, I would avoid the situation. Until she decided to call his mom’s house at three in the morning.
You better come and get your sht out of my house or it’s going out with the trash tomorrow.” Define irony: The girl who pooped on me telling me to get my sht out of her house.
My buddy and I headed over there, blissfully unaware of the insanity that awaited.
We pull up, and she’s standing at the door, salivating. She runs out of the house, spewing a deluge of obscenities and insults toward my manhood. My buddy and I begin to load his car with my belongings. Neighbors are waking up, turning on their porch lights and wondering what all the screaming is about. I was in hell.
At one point, I had a suitcase with clothes in it, and after carrying it to the car, I put it down to rearrange some things in the trunk. She seized the opportunity to go max-crazy by picking up the suitcase and hurling it outside as being a discus. Unsatisfied with her weak toss, the suitcase was accompanied by her down the avenue, picked it up another time as soon as again heaved it further from my friend’s car. Actually, she stopped cursing my existence while this mini-Olympics unfolded never.
Then, things went berserk.
She ran into her house, screaming and crying and losing her sht completely. Her poor mother just there stood, watching the madness unfold.
I was at that time outside, but I watched her by way of a window in your kitchen as she opened a bottle of pills and took a swig. My pal sat in the driver’s seat, pleading with me to obtain in the automobile so we’re able to leave just. I will have listened.
Not merely did she down a mouthful of pills, but she grabbed a large knife and came blasting through the screen door toward me. All over the mulberry bush I ran, being chased by an insane 19-year-old girl who wished to filet me. Thankfully, she lost her footing and down fell, allowing me a little crevice of freedom. I hopped into my friend’s car, and we sped off towards safety and sanity.
I never returned to her house for the others of my stuff and didn’t hear from her for a long time. I then found out through mutual friends that she had, actually, tried to kill herself with the pills and finished up in the loony bin at the neighborhood hospital. I moved in with a few guys I worked with at the time and, of course, told them about my harrowing experience.
A few years later, I had moved on and got a call from one of my former roomies. After shooting the sht for a few full minutes, i was asked by him if my story of defecation was real.
Of course it could I lie about some girl pooping on me?”
I was wondering just, result in a buddy of mine says he banged her at a ongoing party, and she did a similar thing to him apparently.”
Sounds like someone requires a new -ring.

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