The ‘Fearless Man Seminar WILL BE A LOT MORE THAN Learning HOW TO GRAB Women Just

I stepped into the Fearless Man Live Seminar ready to hate all the teachings. On their website, this particular event is described as a two-day masculinity and confidence seminar where one can create strong connections with women.”
Meeting the Fearless Leader
I expected Brian Begin , founder of Fearless and the seminar’s leading coach, to be a sleazy pickup artist who teaches awkward, horny men to pounce on the insecurities of women. The assumption was he’d spend days reiterating that in order to be a real” man, you’d have to exert dominance over women to prove that you are the alpha.
As it turns out, I couldn’t have been more wrong.
Inside the spacious apartment above a Korean karaoke bar where the seminar was held were about 15 other men of all races, ranging from college students to men in their late 60s. Despite their more obvious differences, they were all unified by one thing: A desire to grow as a person. They trusted Begin, a total stranger, would be the one to help change their lives.
It’s worth noting that Begin isn’t traditionally handsome like you’d expect from someone in this profession. He’s average height and build, opting for loose turquoise shirt, black form-fitting jeans, leather boots and a beanie while hosting the seminar. But when he spoke directly to you, you felt like you were the only person in the room. His voice was soft and slow, while his gaze was both purposeful and piercing. Begin had a command of their own body that appeared to come almost effortlessly.
Diving into everything the seminar covered will be impossible (if you don’t were ready to read a 40,000 word thesis), but there have been a few things specifically that seemed to resonate most with the men in attendance – myself included.
Day One
The vital thing Begin broke down was the idea of nice guy syndrome.” He got clear that being nice isn’t a negative thing, but being nice to a fault is. Those social individuals who are experiencing this syndrome feel guilt when saying no, are not with the capacity of setting personal boundaries, avoid confrontation at all and are concerned about how others perceive them deeply.
Essentially, these men are liars, Begin explained. They’re not merely lying to themselves, but lying making use of their friends constantly, parents and lovers. None of the relationships are meaningful given that they become whomever someone else is thought by them wants them to be. It really is an exhausting treatment for live life also, constantly thinking about everything you should do to please another person.
However, Begin said you will discover a very good news for these men. They will have a very advanced of emotional sensitivity, convenience of empathy and knowledge of others. While each one of these traits are traditionally considered more feminine, they aren’t bad.” They aren’t things we need to make an effort to rid ourselves of completely, and instead, ought to be balanced with an increase of traditionally masculine qualities like courage, assertiveness and groundedness.
Essentially, these men would need to discover how to embrace more naturally masculine the different parts of their identity. That could teach how exactly to properly understand tension, something Begin explained is synonymous with responsibility, pressure and conflict. Tension, in accordance with Begin, may be the catalyst to improve and growth. In addition, it goes against middle income values, which encourages us to get lives with stability and comfort.
The tool I came across most insightful when it comes to embracing tension was the idea of grounding , which encourages one to feel your lower torso, legs and stomach. It’s about evaluating how your system impacts your emotions. Begin continues on to spell it out something called embodied cognition , a favorite, scientifically-supported theory about how exactly the mind and body interact.
Day Two
On the next day of the seminar, every man in attendance took part in a live demonstration with an extremely attractive female model – the sort of woman who usually leave them feeling quite intimidated.
Utilizing the embodiment theory, Begin shows these men how to stay grounded, maintain eye contact and not shy away from intimate moments. The conversation between the two wasn’t the main focus of the exercise. Instead, Begin taught the men to embrace the growing tension that came with eye contact, and to do so in a confident manner.
Now, that doesn’t mean he didn’t want us to feel. On the contrary, he wanted everyone in the available room to feel all of the fear, anxiety and also anger that is included with proactively stepping into tension. Begin wanted these emotions to clean over us, also to recognize that having them (and embracing them) isn’t as scary since it seems.
By the ultimate end of the seminar, it had been clear my original way of thinking off was way. Fearless Man had not been about picking right up girls at all. While that could be what brought a few of the men in to the seminar, they left with knowledge that surpassed the essential of how exactly to meet a female.” Instead, this business went house with actionable items – specific things they might do to grow in to the confident and fearless men they so desperately wanted to become.

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