The Ex Factor By Billy Hammer

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About 2 yrs ago, I continued a date with this particular cute, petite Italian/Puerto Rican girl (a hardcore combination in the first place). We met in the town for drinks, then headed over for a comedy show.
Following a few drinks we began to discuss our exes. I nearly choked on my food when she showed me an image of her and Albert Haynesworth kissing at the zoo.
I immediately ordered another shot of tequila. Nonetheless it was the comedy show that put the icing on the cake. The stand-up comedian was making jokes about how exactly much bigger black guys are than white guys (which isn’t always true, however in my case it had been). She was hysterically laughing at every penis joke. Girls close to me were like, “WFT?”
Little did they know she dated the largest football player in the NFL.
On the train home, she explained she played for the Lingerie Football League. Just icing on the cake.

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