The Differences Between Courtesans And Sugar Babies

If you’ve read books about Coco Chanel , you’ll notice that she never married but had many affairs with high-profile men, especially when she was young. Those rich men gave her financial support in many ways, including helping her start her fashion business, buying her properties and showering her with diamonds & pearls Is she a courtesan or a sugar baby? Well, if you look at her name closely, you can see that her original name was Gabrielle Chanel, and Coco” indicates the French word cocotte (a fashionable prostitute). But closer examination would reveal that Coco Chanel was a sugar baby.
Courtesans are upscale prostitutes whose clients are wealthy men. In Robert Greene’s books, he repeated describes attractive, intelligent and business-savvy courtesans as good examples of women who know how to leverage their power and seduce influential men. That’s right – Courtesans are sexy and smart; they have good looks and brains at the same time. More importantly, their soft skills are phenomenal – they have a profound understanding of human behavior, human dynamics and communication. That’s why they always get what they want. A clever courtesan utilizes her beauty when she is young and then enjoy the benefits when she is old. Sometimes they only have a romantic moment with a millionaire man; sometimes they maintain an affair with a wealthy guy for many years. Therefore, courtesans may or may not develop emotional connection with their rich men. Usually, they receive money from these men.
Sugar babies always have emotional connection with their sugar daddies because arrangements are also relationships. An arrangement between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby is best characterized by an emotional connection and mutual benefits. That is to say, an arrangement is always based on mutual attraction, respect and benefits. Take Coco Chanel as an example. Her rags-to-riches story started when she was a poor girl raised by nuns. Then she started to date wealthy guys. Her sugar daddy Etienne Balsan helped her to start her first fashion boutique, and her lover Arthur Capel (Balsan’s friend who was richer than Balsan) financed her fashion business and made Coco Chanel extremely successful. But the journey of social-climbing didn’t stop there. After Chanel became successful, she started to date Hugh Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster in the British elite society. Hugh Grosvenor not only bought her a house in London, but additionally gave her a parcel of land on the French Riviera. This arrangement lasted for a decade. Hugh Grosvenor also financed Chanel’s villa and its own furnishing. Clearly, sugar babies don’t directly receive cash from men.Instead, they receive expensive gifts, including investment within their own businesses, career advice, property, and so on. Which means sugar babies learn how to leverage their assets (beauty and youth) perfectly and convert their assets into long-term passive income that may pay them for the others of these lives (e.g. successful businesses and property).
With that said, both courtesans and sugar babies could be mistresses. Actually, many courtesans and sugar babies are mistresses. In France, it is rather common for a married man to possess multiple mistresses concurrently. Jade Seashell, writer of A Seductress’ Confession , states that whenever she was writing her book, her American editor informed her to change the next story in the book because Phil is really a married man dating Ruby (his mistress) in the initial story – and that is unacceptable in English-speaking countries. However, that story is founded on a genuine story in France, so obviously, it’s probably acceptable in France as the real Phil was never attempting to hide Ruby – he always introduced Ruby to his friends, saying That is my girlfriend Ruby.” Anyway, because Jade Seashell’s book is published in English, she still changed the story based on the American editor’s suggestion. Yet we do need to know the specific story! Well, if you too want to know the specific story, it is possible to simply look at Coco Chanel’s experiences. We have been confident her high-profile lovers didn’t hide her anywhere. They introduced her to upper-class society and made her fashion business hugely successful and well-known.
How exactly to meet and date courtesans: If you are interested in meeting and dating courtesans, you should probably get involved in the entertainment business because that’s where you can meet sexy models and gorgeous actresses who are very likely to be your courtesans. In other words, you must have access to celebrities if that’s your ambition. Also, as a client, you have to pay your courtesans cash because usually, that’s a transaction rather than a relationship. But of course, some courtesans can become your mistresses if you are rich and hot enough
How to meet and date sugar babies: Interested in getting a sugar baby? There are many options – you can either join a sugar baby dating website or convert your existing female friends into sugar babies – in general, if you are a rich guy, many of your single female friends already want to date you because it’s very easy for a millionaire guy to meet hot women, but it’s very problematic for a hot woman to meet up a rich man. Surely, you must understand that an arrangement isn’t a transaction; it is a relationship built on mutual benefits and emotional connection. So, please ensure that you respect your sugar baby and present her what she wants (e.g. career support, luxury gifts, etc).

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